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Exclusive Interview with Minister Laxmi Hebbalkar

is the government preparing enough funds to dole out this scheme ?

1.  the Griha laxmi scheme  launch is expected on Aug 20th. Now will be the time for verification of the documents and then granting the benefit. Is that going to be a herculean task ?
Laxmi Hebbalkar:  The Guha Lakshmi Yojana registration process is quite rapid. Because of the sophisticated the app, verification is done soon after registration and the registered user also receives an acknowledgment. There is therefore no additional verification is required. It is pretty simply made process with no ambiguity.
2. is the government preparing enough funds to dole out this scheme ?
Laxmi Hebbalkar:  The Griha Lakshmi Yojana has no dearth of money. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has reserved adequate money in the budget itself, for this year. Therefore, there is no financial issue. The project will be executed in efficient manner.
3. In the Udupi case, you have made it clear that no one will be spared if found guilty. Voyeurism is unacceptable, and this case is rare, where we see women allegedly recording a woman.  What would be the stand if the girls are found guilty ?
Laxmi Hebbalkar:  CID police are already investigating the Udupi case. We will take legal action against guilty without any bias.  Be it the girls or anyone else behind this, there is no question of protecting guilty. The investigation will be open.
4 . The BJP has made this a political issue and has been pressuring the govt. Will an SIT be formed for this ?
Laxmi Hebbalkar:  CID  police have begun investigation in the case. We are confident that they will complete the investigation soon. So, there is no need to transfer the investigation to SIT or any other agency.  I request BJP not to play politics in this matter. We have to be very sensitive when it comes to the case of women. It is not right to bring politics in everything.
5. Women safety has been a concern. How do you look at new safeguards ?
Laxmi Hebbalkar:  We have given a venerable place to women in India. It is our culture. So, from the very beginning I stand above the language, caste, religion in the politics when it comes to the protection of interest of women. The department will take every step to protect the interest of the women.
6. How do you respond to the demands made for parental approval for minors to travel under the Shakti scheme?
Laxmi Hebbalkar:  Shakti Yojana does not come under my department. I am fully involved in the implementation of Gruhalahakshmi Yojana and other schemes of my department. I can reply about the schemes and performance of my department. You can contact the concerned department if you require details about the schemes being implemented by other departments.

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