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Mental Disorders and Bach flower Treatment : Ego

People who are too egoistic suffer from skin problems

 Dr Sonali Sarnobat
Some people are extremely egoistic. Their minds are filled with ego and they consider themselves superior to any other person. The truth is that such people are, in fact, extremely intelligent, perhaps all-rounders too. As a result they find it difficult to mingle with people. The feeling that they are superior to and different from other people prevents them from forging any relations with others. These people cannot open up before anyone with the fear of appearing weak. They will silently suffer all by themselves. Insulting others, passing derogatory remarks gives them great joy. One may never see them praising anyone.
A mother was faced with a similar problem. Her daughter, who was very beautiful, had secured a first class in her Computer Engineering course. She was also blessed with a melodious sweet voice. Since she belonged to an affluent family, she had so far only experienced the highs of success. Intelligence, beauty, voice, wealth, the almighty had bestowed everything on her that one could only aspire for. She floated in an air of superiority.
When the parents searched for a match for her, she disliked every proposal that came her way. She was not someone who would bend in love, so that was ruled out. Her mother was anxious of the daughter’s future considering her egoistic nature. When coaxing and cajoling failed, she resorted to flower therapy. The daughter suffered from Neck Pain. Under this pretext, she was administered continuous flower therapy for almost 10 months which showed excellent results. She became grounded.
We see many such people around us. We just sneer at their nature and remain silent. But their family suffers. Such extreme cases can also be cured. Such traits are more often visible in adolescents. Flower therapy must be initiated in such cases before it flares into a big problem later in life. Such people may be found in high positions like Police Chief, District Collector, Politicians, Spiritual Leaders, Actors, etc.  Their position of responsibility or fame renders a kind of aloofness in them. They get detached from the common people and start living their lives in an altogether different sphere. They form a cocoon around them and few can come out of it later in life. People who retire from high positions find it difficult to lead a common man’s life. Flower therapy helps these people in leading a normal life.
People who are too egoistic suffer from skin problems, especially on the hands. Flower therapy experts attribute this to the contact with the world which happens either with the hands or the words! Skin problems on hands, mouth ulcers, insomnia, restlessness are some symptoms that they face. Since their nature is rigid, they face rigidity in the neck, hips, spine or the muscles of the joints. Flexibility reduces. They suffer from Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Women face marital problems because they lose interest in mixing with others. They turn frigid at times. Dr. Edward Bach, the proponent of Flower Therapy says ‘ These egoistic people have the reluctance to share the air with other people’. It means that there are queer people who are even reluctant to share the air with others! Such people cannot breathe easy, cannot live a relaxed life nor can they speak or laugh with a free mind.
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