Agnipath the fire test for the union government

Let us undwerstand what is this schemes

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The Agniveer and Agnipath schemes introduced by government of India early this week has sent the Noarth India on fire. Many aniti-social elements have taken law into their hand setting government property on fore and targeting the trains.

Like farmers bill here too seems that political agenda is being played by some unforeseen hands and trying to burn entire country in the name of getting job. The job aspeirents are fearing that they would lose the job in armed forces if the new scheme is introduced. But the government is denying it and saying that it would provide better employement even after retirement from the armed forces.

Let us analyse what is Agniveer scheme and will it affect the job of the youths. Let us undwerstand what is this schemes. According to the defense department It is a new HR Management scheme for the Indian Armed Forces. The candidates recruited via this scheme will be called Agniveers. Once enrolled, they will be governed under the Acts of the respective Armed Forces, Army, Navy and Air Force. They will get a distinct rank in the respective Armed Forces that will be different from the existing ranks.

Every Agniveer will be required to sign documents accepting the terms and conditions of the Agnipath Scheme. If the Agniveer is under the age of 18 years at the time of enrolment, then the parents or guardian will sign the document.

The recruitment under the Agnipath scheme will be initially for four years. After that, based on the requirements and policies of the respective Armed Forces, up to 25% of Agniveers from any particular batch will be given an offer to join as regular cadres based on their performance during their four-year engagement period at the Armed Forces. The remaining 75% of Agniveers will go back to society.

Since the entire agitation appears to be politically motivated nobody is in a mood to listen and everybody is fanning the fire. Meanwhile the armed forces have declared that they would start recruitment under this schemes from this month itself. Let us wait and watch what happens in the coming days.

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