BJP will form government with full majority in Karnataka

Pragativahini News, Agartala, Feb.14: In an interview given to ANI Honorable Minister of Home Amit Shah replied on the Karnataka Congress’ grievance that he equated the Congress with PFI in a recent speech. He said, “I have never said that Congress and the PFI were on the same page. I only said that there were different kinds of cases against PFI cadres, and the Congress government attempted to end those cases. The court deterred these attempts. Why is Congress upset about it? Congress should not have made those attempts. Since they have made those attempts they will have to be ready to listen to what I have said.”

He also said, “ we have banned the PFI with immense success. I believe that the PFI was an organization that fanned fanaticism and fundamentalism in the nation. We have many incriminating documents that demonstrate that they were attempting to create the raw materials for terrorism and that their activities were not in favour of India’s unity and integrity. We rose above the politics of the vote bank and decided to ban them.”

He further added that there was a time when the PFI was a problem confined to Kerala and South Karnataka. But by the time we banned them, the organization had already started spreading across the nation. “
We also received intelligence from agencies that clearly suggested that giving PFI more time to grow further was not good for the nation. So we decided to ban it,” he added.

On the issue of the Home Minister going to Bharat Mata Mandir in Karnataka raised by the opposition, he said, “It is unfortunate that some people are raising questions about Bharat Mata Temple, where the photos of great leaders are decorated right from Tantia Tope, Veer Savarkar to Paramveer Ekka. One should visit the temple to see how neatly and cleanly it has been kept. I congratulate the trust that constructed it. If someone raises allegations against me for visiting the Bharat Mata temple I proudly accept all of them.”

Asserting that BJP will form a government in Karnataka with a full majority he said, “I can say with certainty that we will form a government with a full majority there. In the last two months, I have visited Karnataka four times. I can tell you that I have read the people’s pulse and seen the popularity of Narendra Modi and the BJP is going to get the people’s mandate.”

He further added “I have also been to North Karnataka and Hyderabad Karnataka. I began the campaign in Mandya. Bharatiya Janata Party never had a such big rally in Mandya earlier. It is a good sign for Karnataka politics that people from Mandya are slowly distancing themselves from the politics of the dynasty and joining hands with the BJP’s developmental politics.”

On the issue of dynastic politics raised by the opposition against the BJP, he said, “There are people in the BJP too who are with the party for second and third generations. But that is not dynastic politics because the seat of the party president or for that matter any other seat is not reserved for any family. Neither there is any provision for any family member to become MPs or MLA in the BJP. What kind of comparison is this? They have destroyed the entire democratic system. They cannot conceal dynastic politics using these tricks to hoodwink the people.”

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