Constitute expert panel for Kannada legal dictionary: CM Bommai

Need for judgements in the mother tongue.

Bengaluru, Jan. 22: Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai suggested constituting a committee of experts to prepare a legal dictionary in Kannada.

Speaking after distributing Kannada awards for judges, public prosecutors and advocates here on Sunday, he said the dictionary will be of much help for the use of Kannada in courts every day. Finding alternative words in Kannada will also help the judges. There are no Kannada words for English words and there is a need for judgements in the mother tongue.

Son of advocate

The CM claimed that although he is not an advocate, he is the son of one and has observed this line of work closely. Under his father, there were 28 juniors working. People back then were quite naïve and followed the instructions given by the advocates.  If the verdicts are not delivered in Kannada, there would be numerous issues. There must be a procedure for converting judgements. The same must be delivered to all courts. The translated judgement must be read, thus arrangements must be made.

Administrators must have knowledge of the law as understanding judgements nowadays is very difficult. Having primary knowledge will help to render justice and it will be complete if this starts with delivering justice and reaching the petitioner. It takes training to be able to distinguish between judgement and opinion. The nation’s legal system is the reason why democracy is robust and why people trust the judiciary. The international standard of the judicial process is what attracts foreign investors to this country. The judiciary has made a significant contribution to the development of the nation”, the CM said.

Bommai said there has been a long-drawn struggle to implement Kannada as an administrative language. A big agitation had been held to implement a report prepared by the committee headed by V.K.Gokak. Now they were seeing Kannada as an administrative language in the administration. A lot of legislation has been implemented to impart education in Kannada. Several circulars have been issued. Since the Supreme Court has opined that there must be freedom in education it has not been implemented fully. The New Education Policy has stressed on mother language.

A judge of Karnataka High Court, Mr Justice G.Narender, Kannada and Culture Minister Sunil Kumar, Kannada Sahithya Parishath President Mahesh Joshi and others were present.

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