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English is heart of the world- Few words with you (Part 3.(c)Past Perfect)

You can use them in your home work.

By Ravikaranam
I had given few examples to you. It helps to frame new sentences to you. Try it and practice. Probably, I gave more than 200 words, (v1 v2 v3 total 600) enough. You can use them in your home work. If you try, you will talk and write. Should not ignore in this moment. Sometimes, can not understand. but read twice, definitely can get.
Past Perfect
The word perfect is showing that, action is completed in the past. And there was no remaining work.
Helping verb is ‘Had’.
Had- for all persons.
Formula = Sub+ verb(3)+object.
I had gone to Delhi.
I had taught History.
I had cleaned my room.
We had played chess.
We had cut the tree.
We had seen Jog falls.
You had observed his behaviour.
You had preached well.
You had brought a new car.
He had understood the lesson.
He had worked in France.
He had liked programme.
She had sent the mails.
She had bought new dresses.
She had prayed to god.
It had climbed the mountain.
It had begged for bread.
It had swum in the lake.
They had learnt English very well.
They had shut the door.
They had accepted his resume.

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