Grants to upgrade ‘Namma Clinic’ in next budget: CM Bommai

437 'Namma Clinics' are being established across the State

Pragativahini News, Hubballi : A separate grant will be set aside in the state budget for the upgradation of Namma Clinics across the State, said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.
He told reporters in the airport that hitherto there used to be dispensaries in cities and rural areas where the doctors would examine and give treatment for the minor ailments like cough, cold and fever. With a view to providing primary treatment for poor people, 437 ‘Namma Clinics’ are being established across the State. In the first phase, 100 clinics will start functioning. Depending upon the functioning of these clinics, other preliminary tests like blood and distributing the medicines would be added. Even telemedicine systems will be linked.
Meeting with Union Home Minister
He said Union Home Minister Amit Shah has convened a meeting of the chief ministers of both Karnataka and Maharashtra to maintain law and order in both  the states. The stand of Karnataka legally, administratively and politically will be conveyed. The State is quite clear in this subject and Shah will be briefed accordingly.
Bommai said a lot of reports have come before the reorganisation of states and then the Act became final. This is the present legal reality. The State of Maharashtra has questioned the resolutions of the States Reorganisation Act and so far, the Supreme Court has not taken any decision on the maintainability of the application filed by the neighbouring state. “If we think, according to the Constitution, the application is non-maintainable and a lot of arguments have taken place in this regard. Nothing must be commented on this subject further since the matter is pending before the Supreme Court. I am not going to talk on this issue as it must not impact the pending case”.

Congress has no moral right to talk on Mahadayi project: CM

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said the Congress Party did not have any moral right to talk about the Mahadayi project.
When reporters drew his attention to the Congress Party convention on Mahadayi project, the CM said on Wednesday that the work on the project started after he wrote a letter in blood and the 5.5 meter canal was constructed during his tenure as Water Resources Minister. What did the Congress do? The  party supremo Sonia Gandhi announced  in the election campaign in Goa that not a drop of water will be diverted to others.  The Congress government built the wall to the canal constructed during the BJP regime. This shows how the Congress Party has become a stumbling block in bringing the Mahadayi water to Karnataka.

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