*Maharashtra Assembly Opposition Leaders lost mental balance: CM Bommai*

Will not allow unlawful activities

Pragativahini News, Belagavi : The statements of the Leaders of Opposition in the Maharashtra State Assembly both inside and outside the House gives an impression that they have lost the mental balance, said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.
Talking to reporters here on Wednesday, he accused the opposition parties in the Maharashtra Assembly of trying  to politicise the border row. Previously, the NCP leaders had made a vain bid to draw political mileage out of it, and now also they have failed in their endeavor. At a time when the people of both the states are maintaining cordiality, doing business and travelling between the states, these leaders are trying to enter Karnataka on a big scale. Despite not having people’s support, carrying the flags of political parties shows that only members of the opposition parties and its office-bearers were present in that protest march. This shows clearly that it was politically motivated.
Talk to your counterparts, CM tells Congress leaders
The CM wanted the Congress leaders of Karnataka to speak to their Maharashtra counterparts and even he had spoken to his BJP leaders of that state. This is not the issue to be resolved on the streets and the same thing had been told by Union Home Minister Amit Shah. It was the State of Maharashtra which moved the Supreme Court on the border row and they understood that their case was very weak. For this purpose they wanted to create such a situation and to take advantage of it. That will not be successful. The Maharashtra Assembly Opposition Leader’s statement of trying to attack Karnataka like China shows his immaturity.  But that leader was not aware of the fact that Karnataka is in India. Like the Indian army, the Karnataka police will drive back the Maharashtra protesters just like what was done to the Chinese army. The Kannadigas are strong enough to drive them back. Though both of them belonged to the same country, he was forced to give back in the similar fashion for using such words on them.
Will not allow unlawful activities
Reacting to Maharashtra Assembly Opposition leader’s statement that too after a meeting held in the chairmanship of Union Home Minister and does not have any value, Bommai said this will be brought to the notice of Amit Shah. In that meeting, both the states agreed to maintain peace and accordingly, Karnataka has maintained law & order and not allowed any single untoward incident to happen since then. There has been no breach on the side of Karnataka and the movement of people has been normal. It is equally important to have this similar situation in neighbouring Maharashtra. “We will not allow any illegal activities. This matter will be discussed in the State Assembly tomorrow and give a detailed reply. A resolution will also be adopted in this regard”.
Politically motivated statements
Replying to a question on the Maharashtra leaders statement of not releasing water and increasing the height of dams on their side, the CM said all rivers, inter-state rivers have to work under Inter-Water Disputes Act, and the Maharashtra leaders are aware of the same. But they are making politically motivated statements. Can they (Maharashtra) hold back water in case of heavy rains? Tribunal has ordered to increase the height of Almatti dam to 524.5 meters and the work will start soon after issuing a notification in this regard.
Action after report
When his attention was drawn to a final deadline issued regarding quota for the Panchamasali community, the CM said “all of them are our people. I am in constant touch  with the chairman of the Backward Classes Commission and members. They are asked to submit the report soon. The government will take necessary steps after the receipt of the report”.

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