More support for weavers in budget 2023: CM Bommai

Amrit Mahotsav of Karnataka Rajya Togataveera Kshatriya Nekara Sangha

Bengaluru, Jan. 22: Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai promised more support for weavers in the upcoming budget and also full assistance for them starting from raw materials up to technology development.

Speaking after inaugurating the Amrit Mahotsav of Karnataka Rajya Togataveera Kshatriya Nekara Sangha here on Sunday, he said the work of this community is to ensure dignity in society. Both weavers and farmers have been protecting the dignity of people from time immemorial.

Weavers must advance, this traditional profession must endure, and their children should pursue other careers as well. After globalisation in 1990, this industry suffered a deadly blow. Only with a strong market for their goods can the weavers remain in business. The popularity of polyester clothing presented challenges for weavers. The governments have aided them on numerous occasions, but in order to assist them long-term, they need a consistent market for the clothes.

When my father was a minister in the industry sector, he formulated a scheme to distribute the Janata dhoti, uniform and saree. The reason for it was to assist poor people who cannot afford to cover their dignity. This will support weavers in maintaining their traditional line of work. The uniform is being distributed by the government under the same guiding principle. The Handloom Development Corporation will provide the uniform fabric, and an order has been placed six months in advance. All of your claims have been granted, and the Nekar Scheme financial assistance has been provided. If the working class finds employment, the nation will advance. The majority of jobs in the nation are currently provided by the textile industry. The unemployment issue can be resolved if implemented correctly. The neighbouring Bangladesh’s economy is surviving on the textile industry “, Bommai said.

Sri Divyananda Giri Mahaswamiji Sri Poornananda Swamiji, Minister K.C.Narayanagowda, State Togataveera Kshatriya Nekara Sangha President B.S.Somashekar and others were present.

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