No religion instigates violence: CM Bommai

Rs 1460 crore for Minorities Development Corporation

Pragativahini News, Bengaluru :
No religion will instigate violence and none of them must support any force which will try to disturb peace in the country. Everyone must unite and get into the  nation building activities, said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.
Speaking after the new office complex ‘Karnataka Minority Development Corporation’ with offices of Karnataka Minority Development Corporation, Karnataka State Minorities Commission and Urdu Academy here on Monday, he  said many religions have taken birth in India. First, all of them must love their country and pray for Mother Earth.
The minorities must unite to achieve success in education, employment and  empowerment. “No one must support or back anti-national activities, and the community must rise against such miscreants. Then only it will be possible to promote cordiality in society. In my constituency the minorities are in large numbers and they pray for me”.
Thinking must change
He said  there  are a good number of intelligent female students  in the minority community. In fact, more people  are getting education. The 21st century is  the century  of knowledge but the minorities are kept  in the dark. But  the thinking of the community must change. “What  I will say may not be liked by some people. The kids who are supposed to hold pens and pencils are holding the cutting player and spanner. In the place of school bags they are carrying the jawar or rice sack. Everyone  has the right to education but why did the previous governments not think about it”?
Bommai said Abdul Azim was a good officer  and  the present day kids must become successful like  Azim. Allegations are made against his government. His  finance secretary  Jaffer and Secretary, Health Department, Jawaid  Akthar who worked hard  during Covid-19 pandemic, are  minorities. Now, M.A.Salim has been appointed as the special commissioner  of  traffic to manage the density of  traffic in Bengaluru.
Rs 1460 crore for Minorities Development Corporation
He said scholarship  for higher studies abroad and IAS/KAS  Coaching which was  stopped, has resumed. The Moulana Azad Schools and over 30 CBSE  syllabus Abdul Kalam Schools  are running  successfully. The scholarship for students studying in these schools is made through DBT. As many as 624 teachers are appointed for the minority schools. This  year, an  additional 2500 students are accommodated in hostels. A Rs 1460 crore grant has been given for Minorities Development  Corporation.
Protection of Wakf property
Bommai said till the wakf properties are confiscated, the wakf chairman must take action. The  wakf  chairman has got an opportunity to save  ‘god’s property’. Large number of wakf properties  are encroached  upon and the community must stand with the government for its confiscation. The Wakf Board must be ready to protect interest of  the Muslim community.
He said the Christianity is a progressive religion and they hold prayers on every Sunday  for the well-being of everyone. Likewise,  Lord Mahaveera was a symbol of  sacrifice, and propagated peace  and non-violence. “I have a  good relationship with both these communities”.

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