Shani Mahatma, Tirupati prasadam in MLC Election

The voters of these districts are getting huge amounts from contending candidates

Pragativahini News, Kolar:    The GP members in two  districts of Kolar and Chikkaballapur are richer by couple of lakhs thanks to upcoming MLC elections from local bodies. The voters of these districts are getting huge amounts from contending candidates.

It’s a open secret that leaders from all the three political parties are spending money like water and each voters are being given amounts running into thousands.  If some voters were to be believed  one national party has doled out Rs.75000 to each of the voter after getting  a promise by the voter that they would vote to a particular candidate.

Reports are doing rounds that those leaders ” in charge” of Kolar and Chikkaballapur are meeting the GP members both I  groups and individually and making them payments along with prasadam from Tirupati and Dharmastala. The voters are being asked to swear by keeping the hand on the photo of Shani Mahatma.

Meanwhile former speaker KR Ramesh Kumar has criticized the BJP leaders for trying  to lure the voters and to get their pledge by keeping their hands on the photo of Shani Mahatma.

Ramesh Kumar who is leading the Congress campaign in twin districts of Kolar and Chikkaballapur had alleged that the BJP leaders  have gone ” moral bankrupt” by trying to create “fear” among voters who are from rural areas and normally innocent by nature. He alleged that they are playing with sentiments of rural voters.

       According to husband of a woman GP member the leaders are giving the money after making the voter to take a pledge in the presence of picture of Shani Mahatma.  These leaders have understood to have given Rs. 75,000 each to GP members with promise to give more money after the elections.
           As the day of  elections nearing even the Congress party which has an upper hand as regards the number of GP members in the twin districts has geared up it’s tempo in trying to caught hold of its own folk.  The leaders are learnt to have offered the GP members “round figure” for each vote.  The JD(S) with  an eye on  2969 women voters  in the two districts has resorted to present Silk Saree worth over Rs. Twentyfive thousand along with cash to every voter. Former Chief Minister has stated in the meeting of JD(S) supporters that he would arrange for “resources” to take the fight to the wire. 

Going by numbers the Congress party has upper hand among voters, followed closely by JD(S) with BJP lagging at a far distance. However the BJP did all the tricks and brought into its fold many top leaders including President of Kolar district Congress Committee.

K Chandra Reddy who enjoys considerable clout in the takuks of Bangarpet and KGF.
The BJP also garnered the support of former Minister Varthur Prakash whose supporters enjoy majority in most of GPs in Kolar taluk. BJP has been able to make inroads in many other talks thus expanding it’s base. With former Chief Minister Kumaraswamy taking the elections from twin districts seriously, the JD(S) is giving both Congress and BJP candidates some “sleepless nights”

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