*There is no need to worry about freedom of expression in our government*

*People's money should be spent cautiously*

Pragativahini News, Bengaluru :  Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that individual freedom will be ensured and Writers need not worry about freedom of expression in our government and they should not be scared to express their opinion.
He was speaking at the 20th anniversary and award ceremony of the Karnataka State Writers and Publishers Association today.
Promise of giving 15 lakhs to every house is not filled even after 9 years. Promise was also made to double the income which is not fulfilled either and where are Acche Din, Chief Minister questioned.
Former Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa said that if the five guarantees were not fulfilled, he would stage a protest during the session.On the contrary, they failed to fulfill promises of one lakh waiver of farmer’s loan electricity for ten hours and spending 1.2 lakh crores on irrigation.Those who were unable to keep up their promises now wants to protest , he said.
*People’s money should be spent cautiously*
The central government owns stock of millions of tons of rice. But they are not ready to provide rice for Annabhagya. Rice worth 840 crores  is required per month and our government is ready to pay this amount, he said.
Applications are invited under Griha Lakshmi scheme for women. Tax money is not individual property and one has to be cautious while spending it. They say that 200 units should be given for free under the scheme. CM questioned that providing 200 units free against an average of 70 units per year will be misuse.
Author’s writings should be society oriented. Instead of questioning what society has given me, what is your contribution is to society. We have to find a satisfactory answer to this question to make our life meaningful. If all the authors and publishers focus on these shortcomings, changes can be brought in the society.
*Eradication of inequality develops the society*
Many people are deprived from education due to caste system and this leads to economic and social inequality.  Peace and harmony can be established in the society If this inequality is removed. This is the purpose of our constitution and many of our writers are working on this line of thought.
*Reading books enhances knowledge:*
Social and economic imparities exists in India.  Dr.Ambedkar said that the people who suffer from inequality are likely to destroy the edifice of India’s freedom and democracy. The Chief Minister recalled that though he was not a literary person,he was in company of literary people like Ananthmurthy, Poornachandra Tejaswi, Mahadeva and others.
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