There is no one with him who praises as ‘Annadata’

 Government's helping hand like a half cup of buttermilk for the Elephant's stomach!

 Government’s helping hand like a half cup of buttermilk for the Elephant’s stomach!

Ravi Karanam
      The whole country will get food by the farmers, who works hard. I shudder to imagine what would happen to the people of the country if they sat with their hands tied. Because those who have experienced hunger pangs know its importance. such a situation  should not create in our country, also in any part of the world.
 It is essential that, the society, government and organizations should help the formers, who work day and night regardless of the seasons.  Because many suicide cases have been detected since the past.  People of the nation should wake up. So, that such mishaps do not happen again.  If the farmers are praised as the Annadata, the farmers problems will not be solved.  Instead, it should be a hands-on work. There are many classes in the peasants category.  There are large, medium and small holders.  Some people are advantageous, others “above six nor below three”. The condition of small tenants is also very tough.  Special care should be taken for such people.
 Let us leave aside a class of well-off people who own tens of acres of land and have irrigation system there.  Let’s talk about their problems later.  But the situation of the middle class and small tenants is dire!  More or less the life same .  Irrigation is always there.  Many farmers who depend on rain continue to struggle  and they face many financial hurdles. Who gets water from small barrages, small dams, canals and lakes.  Farmers who have taken loans and paid the cost of seeds, fertilizers and pulses are suffering from crop destruction.  Government should stand with them.  Immediate remedial action should be taken.  Otherwise their serial suicides will leave a mark of social evils.
 There should be thought how to help and cooperate with the farmers in difficulty.  They would not borrow, even in the event of crop damage due to natural calamities, Money should not waste. In addition to this, the social service done by some organizations should be utilized.
 Liberals in the society lend a helping hand to children’s orphanages, old age homes and girls education. Also, let’s request to stand with farmers.  Already, some organizations are helping to remove silt from the lake. That’s only in selected area
s.  The government should step forward to become everywhere.
        Let us think among ourselves.  The good intention. At least some ideas come out before you decide whether it is right or wrong.  You give new thoughts and new thoughts shall be implemented by the government.  It will be enough if the suffering of the farmers is solved by that.  Look like this;
 1) At least five to ten tractors equipped with modern facilities for tilling and sowing should be provided by the Gram Panchayat, which is responsible for improving the land of the farmers who have a small amount of land.  They should be executed on a turn-by-turn basis.  This is not impossible.
 2) Revenue tax collection can be used in a decent way here.  Through tillers, village panchayat officials, survey and rent rake work should be done.
 3) The best seeds should be supplied by the government itself.  In case of supply of poor or low quality seeds, the license of such companies should be cancelled, or strict measures like compensation and fine should be implemented to eliminate fraud to the farmers.
 4) From time to time water supply should be optimized through wells, lakes, river sources or tube wells.
 Where there is no water connection, facilities such as short canals, in high areas, installation of pipes to reach water etc. can be made.
 5) For the minimal amount of land without borewells, borewells should be drilled in the government lands and arrangements should be made to provide water facility to farmers land on a queue basis.
 6)  After the crop is ready, water supply, seeds, fertilizers and rent for harrowing are fixed per acre, and there is no hindrance in collecting tax.
 7) In case of natural calamity, if the crop is destroyed, it is a national calamity, the decision to waive or facilitate the expenditure up to that time should be taken on the basis of the report of the local government.
 8) From time to time there should be monitoring of the growing crops by farmers, like; quality, water supply, fertiliser, pesticide, weeding etc.
 9) In some cases, if the farmers say that they will do what they want with their land, they will be responsible for their own losses and losses.  Taxes should be fixed by the government in an appropriate manner.
        While thinking like this, the government can take up the works which may be deemed suitable somewhere. But that is not enough. The helping hand of the government is half cup of buttermilk for the elephant’s stomach!  While solving one problem, another one arises.  country has huge population. It’s difficult  to take everything into account.  Still effort must be sustained.

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