D K Shivakumar invites suggestions for ‘Global Karnataka, Better Karnataka’

from Kannadiga NRIs 

 Pragativahini News, Belagavi : Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee President D K Shivakumar on Tuesday released a video on social media inviting Kannadiga NRIs to share their suggestions for the party manifesto, ‘Global Karnataka, Better Karnataka’.

“Kannadigas have made India proud by serving at the global level. The contributions of Kannadigas are unparalleled as many world leaders are recognizing India through Bengaluru and Karnataka. But today Karnataka has also got a stigma. We need to cleanse it and make our state and its identity proud,” D K Shivakumar said in the video addressing Kannadiga Non-Resident Indians insisting, “ Kannadiga NRIs must suggest as to how should state and its governance change for better? I am seeking advice from you to make Global Karnataka, a Better Karnataka.” He also requested Kannadigas settled all around the world to share their frank and fair opinions along with suggestions about the areas where the state needs to improve its functioning and also the ways how innovations can be incorporated.

“Dr. G. Parameshwar is the Chairman of the Manifesto Committee that will finalize the draft. Since I am responsible for leading the party, I need your cooperation and your advice on every issue. We are asking for your advice on how to develop Karnataka” he said.

D K Shivakumar also released the email id where people can share their suggestions for the manifesto and requested people to participate in this exercise whole-heartedly. “We are including your suggestion in our manifesto for our vision document Global Karnataka, Better Karnataka, for the future,” D K Shivakumar said.

The KPCC President also asked people to share their suggestions through videos, text messages, and detailed documents on social media platforms insisting the participants must tag him personally while sharing their ideas so that he can read and study each of the suggestions shared.

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*Zika virus detected in a girl in, Raichur*;  *What is Zika virus?*  

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