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English is heart of the world- Few words with you (Part 2b- Present Continuous)

The interesting topic is Tense

By Ravi Karanam
        I hope that, you are practicing what I had given the models. If you do not take seriously, you can not become perfect. So, take a challenge yourself and stand in front of a mirror. You talk with it. Do you know ? Your image is your good friend and confidence is your weapon. Do not afraid about this, which is very simple and easy to learn.
        The interesting topic is Tense. The complete language stands on it. Without learning this, we can not learn Passive forms. Let us discuss, How to frame the “Present Continuous”.
        It shows exactly action is in progress or action is going on in the present situation. ‘ing’ is there with verb(1) only and showing that, action is running. So, it is called “ing” form. If you leave the ing in the sentence, it becomes awkward . so, consider this seriously.
       sometime what happens, people are vomiting the helping verb and preposition in the sentences.
eg: ‘I coming home’.
Do you get complete meaning ?  It framed out of grammar. Where is ‘am’ and ‘to’ ?
The correct sentence is, “I am coming to home”.  Verbs and prepositions are very sensitive parts in the sentences. So, think before you speak once or twice. Otherwise well expertise laugh at you. But think, why they are laughing ? Remind once what you said. Again try to correct it, enough. Day by day, you will become perfect.
      Keep in your mind always. The baby when it gets birth, can not crawl/sit/stand/walk. Is it right ? In the same manner, when you start to speak, you can use powerful sentences. ‘Trail and error’ method  can be seen.
Let us see;
  “Present Continuous Tense”.
Formula is;
“Sub + is/are/am + Verb (1)+ lng + Object.
( helping verbs are – am/is/are)
How do we use helping verbs ?
Am  = I
Are = we, you, you, they.
Is = he, she, it.
I am going to Mumbai,
I am reading Mahabharata.
I am asking a question to you.
I am understanding your explanation.
We are talking in English.
We are teaching well.
We are learning Hindustani music.
We are driving a car.
You are listening music.
You are joking well.
You are buying shirts.
You are loving India.
You are riding bike.
You are burning the papers.
You are waiting for him.
You are constructing the house.
He is preparing for I A S  exam.
He is playing cricket.
He is drawing the picture.
He is thinking about money.
She is preparing meals.
She is wasting time.
She is caring baby.
She is observing my behavior.
It is sleeping on the bed.
It is barking loudly.
It is cheating me.
It is helping to them.

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