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English is heart of the world  – Few words with you  (English For you, Part 1 – Persons)

English is very essential language in all the fields

By Ravi Karanam
     I am always thinking about children and their education. Nowadays, we have all the facilities in our surroundings, but we are not ready to use properly. why ? This question has been ringing in my mind. I talk about this in free time. You know that, English is very essential language in all the fields, specially in the competitive world. Should not ignore this.
     I have observed that, all most all English medium students can not speak good English. Many mistakes are found in their conversation. Personal English is different. I agree, but it should be very proper. formation of sentences are shown and very easy to construct here. If you practice well, you will become a good speaker with powerful communication skills in your future.
In my writings, Persons, Articles, Parts of speech, Tenses, Active and Passive voices, Direct and Indirect speech, Degrees, Common usages, Figures of speech etc, will be there. I explain in simple sentences. you may understand easily without others help.
To practice from today only. Do not hesitate to learn and speak. I talk with you always. This journey will be given different experience. My sentences are carrying you, in poetic stream. I create new figures of speech, when I talk ! Please come with my writings. And should not forget to inform your friends. But remember, I can’t use Kannada. Some people request me and demand that, explain should be in native language. I think, it disturbs me. I can not act double role on the same screen. Please cooperate.
  In the beginning, you should know about persons, without these, sentences can not be completed. Let’s we go….
There are three types in English. As is follow;
1st person  :
Singular  = I.   Plural = we
eg : I meet you in the garden.
       we can discuss about money.
2nd person :
Singular = you.  Plural = you
eg: You inform me.
       but you do not forget to bring       all papers.
3rd person :
Singular = he, she, it. Plural = they
eg: He is really a good person.
      so, she is encouraging him.
      It is wonderful subject.
In Tenses, you will see ‘persons’, use as pronouns. which are used instead of Nouns.

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