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English is heart of the world – Few words with you (Part 3.(a) Simple past)

You have a dream, in the group, should express in this language

 You have a dream, in the group, should express in this language

By Ravikaranam
You had learnt Present Tense. Formation of sentences and questions. I hope that, you have understanding completely. In the right situation, you express with the help of models, but practice must be there.
You have a dream, in the group, should express in this language. sometimes you can not remember appropriate verbs. You are searching the words in your mind. It takes time. So, in the begining, conversation goes slowly. But no problem. It will be improved day by day.
There are four parts in past tense.
Simple, Continuous, Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous.
1. Simple Past.
Formula = Subject + Verb(2) + Object.
Helping verbs is ” Did “
Did = I, we, you, you, he, she, it, they.
I gave my book.
I took his bag.
I learnt Hindusthani music.
I worked in Delhi.
We took books.
We understood the story.
We ran very fast.
We sang national anthem.
You saw the bird.
You called him.
You met the officer.
You jumped in the river.
He sent letter.
He told interesting subject.
He collected old stamps to show.
He played cricket with them.
She encouraged him.
She maintained the home very well.
She suggested to him to complete the education.
She dreamt to become an I A S officer.
It helped her.
It barked whole night.
It brought all the vegetables.
It came to home.
They respected me.
They liked Mysuru palace.
They saw the bird.
They thought about function.
Verb(1) Verb(2) Verb(3)
Accept Accepted Accepted
Act Acted Acted
Bake Baked Baked
Behave Behaved Behaved
Close Closed Closed
Compare Compared Compared
Compete Competed Competed
Die Died Died
Disagree Disagreed Disagreed
Disturb Disturbed Disturbed
Dress Dressed Dressed
Dry Dried Dried
Eliminate Eliminated Eliminated
End Ended Ended
Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed
Fix Fixed Fixed
Follow Followed Followed
Freeze Freezed Freezed
Fry Fried Fried
Greet Greeted Greeted
Guess Guessed Guessed
Hunt Hunted Hunted
Identify Identified Identified
Imagine Imagined Imagined
Invite Invited Invited
Join Joined Joined
Jump Jumped Jumped
Knock Knocked Knocked
Love Loved Loved
Manage Managed Managed
Mark Marked Marked
Match Matched Matched
Name Named Named
Need Needed Needed
Open Opened Opened
Order Ordered Ordered
Organize Organized Organized
Pack Packed Packed
Paint Painted Painted
Pass Passed Passed
Perform Performed Performed
Persuade Persuaded Persuaded
Program Programmed Programmed
Protect Protected Protected
Review Reviewed Reviewed
Shop Shopped Shopped
Slow Slowed Slowed
Turned Turn Turned
Underline Underlined Underlined
Want Wanted Wanted

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