*English is heart of the world- Few words with you* *(Part 3 (e) Asking questions in ‘Simple past’)*

  It is something special to use in your chit chat

  It is something special to use in your chit chat

By Ravikaranam
Helping verb is Did. With the help of this, we prepare questions. Carefully observe this. In the positive answer verb (2) is there. In the negative answer, verb(1) is there. Why ? Because, when, in the question ‘did’ already present, (at the same sentence) while, another verb(2) should not come. (did also verb 2  – remember do-did-done)
Here we go.
Helping verb is ‘did’
Did for all subjects.(persons)
Formula = Did + Subject + Verb(1) + Object.
Did I watch T V ?
Yes, you watched T V.
Didn’t I watch T V ?
No, you didn’t watch T V.
Did I learn Kannada  ?
Yes, you learnt Kannada.
Didn’t I learn Kannada  ?
No, you didn’t learn Kannada.
Did we discuss about india ?
Yes, we discussed about india.
Didn’t we discuss about india ?
No, we didn’t discuss about india.
Did we meet them ?
Yes, we met them.
Didn’t we meet them?
No, we didn’t meet them.
Did you hear the news ?
Yes  I heard the news.
Didn’t you hear the news ?
No,  I didn’t  hear the news.
Did you sing a song ?
Yes  I sang a song.
Didn’t you sing a song?
No,  I didn’t sing a song.
Did he jump from the tree ?
Yes ,he jumped from the tree.
didn’t he jump from the tree ?
No ,he didn’t jump from the tree.
Did he swim in the river ?
Yes ,he swam in the river.
didn’t he swim in the river ?
No, he didn’t swim in the river.
Did she dance Bharatanatyam ?
Yes ,She danced Bharatanatyam.
Didn’t she dance Bharatanatyam ?
No ,She didn’t dance Bharatanatyam.
Did she write notes ?
Yes ,She wrote notes.
Didn’t she write notes ?
No ,She didn’t write notes.
Did it break the stick ?
Yes , it broke the stick.
Didn’t  it break the stick ?
No , it didn’t  break the stick.
Did it disturb you ?
Yes , it disturbed me.
Didn’t  it disturb you ?
No , it didn’t disturb me.
Did they play volleyball ?
Yes, they played volleyball.
Didn’t they play volleyball ?
No, they didn’t  play volleyball.
Did they go to home ?
Yes, they went to home.
Didn’t they go to home ?
No, they didn’t go to home.

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