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English is heart of the world- Few words with you (Part (6) Sentences)

  Sentence is like a brain of the language, It is showing dominant role

  Sentence is like a brain of the language, It is showing dominant role

By Ravikaranam
Now, we go to learn Sentence. It is like a brain of the language and showing dominant role in the language. We speak everyday with all. How do we say? remember once. All our feelings come out as sentences. So, this concept is very important. Here we go!
What is a sentence?
     A sentence is a group of words which gives complete meaning. or complete sense.
How many sentences are there in English ?
There are four types of sentences in English.
1)Assertive Sentence.
2)Imperative Sentence
3)Interrogative Sentence
4)Exclamatory Sentence
1) Assertive Sentence (Assertive sentences are also called declarative sentence)
Assertive sentence shows/declare the truth.exactness.which ends with full stop (.)
Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India.
Sachin Tendulkar is a cricketer.
Coconut tree is tall.
Taj Mahal is very beautiful.
The sky colour is blue.
Bengaluru is garden city.
Dr Rajkumar is evergreen hero.
2)  Imperative Sentence – A sentence shows that command, order,request, advice, invitation, or instruction.
Please maintain the discipline. (request)
Stand up on the bench! (command)
Open the windows and let the air come in. (command)
Please give me your book for reading. (request)
Excuse me. I have to move (request)
Cut the cloth according to the measurement. (command)
3)Interrogative Sentence
A sentence that asks a question. which ends with question mark.(?)
What is this?
Where are you going?
When is your birthday?
Whish is your car?
Why do you go?
How is your health?
Who comes here?
Whose house is this?
To whom do you invite?
4) Exclamatory Sentence.
A sentence shows that,emotions or sudden feelings. (it always ends with an exclamation mark).
Hurrah ! I won the match!
Wow! What a beautiful rose it is!
Alas! She is dead!
Phew! everything went as you wanted.
Oh! When do you come!

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