Inaugural Session of 3rd edition of TECHBHARAT 2022 Today

Technology Intervention to Agriculture Sector

Pragativahini News, Belagavi -Inaugural Session of the Pre-Event of TechBharat 2022 is going to be held today at VTU. Dr. C N Ashwathnarayana, Minister for Higher Edn, IT& BT and Skills, Government of Karnataka is going to inaugurate the session at 10.30 am.

About  Presenting  Partners  of  TechBharat:

IMS Foundation, a single largest collaborative platform of all Indian and Global manufacturing entities especially, the Micro, Small and Medium Scale enterprises (MSME) to become Engineering Manufacturing Industries. It also works extensively in promoting Start-ups pan India. It also exhaustively collaborates with the State and Central Government on policy formulation and regularly hosts B2G/B2B meetings, organizes national and international trade shows, industrial visits for MSME units for technology adoption.

Laghu Udyog Bharati – Karnataka, a not for prot All India Organization focused on Micro & Small Enterprises.  It has ofces in 24 States pan India and have a membership base of more than 35,000 enterprises across the country. Laghu Udyog Bharati – Karnataka (LUB-K) is the state chapter of LUB catering to the 24 districts of Karnataka and works towards the empowerment of entrepreneurs in Micro and Small sector and a broader vision to cater to all the 30 districts of Karnataka.

TechBharat: A agship program of IMS Foundation & Laghu Udyog Bharati-Karnataka to effectively bring in stakeholders from across the globe on its platform to cultivate trust, coordinate networking, look-for collaborative businesses, partner with Indian counterparts, facilitate structured transfer of technology and/or constantly engage in doing business with Government of India, several State Governments, leading enterprises, startups, research institutes of national repute in achieving effective and sustained results in the domains of EduTech, HealthTech, AgriTech, FoodTech, RuralTech, EnergyTech, GreenTech, CleanTech, MediaTech, DigiTech, TravelTech, BioTech, DefenseTech & FinTech.

About TechBharat 2022: Transforming India’s FoodTech, AgriTech & Agronomic Landscape

As is the primary source of livelihood for majority of India’s population, agriculture is an important sector in India’s economic growth. Being an agrarian economy, there are more than 60% farmers who own agriculture land of less than an acre. Hereafter, as they form larger group base, how we continue supporting these small farmers though Government has been the catalyst in the growth of the agriculture sector including linking small farmers with traders, self-help groups, farmer cooperatives, agri-food processors, community farming and retailers to various types of business models and agricultural supply chains.

Adopting modern sustainable technology through AgriTech initiatives surely make a difference to Indian agricultural ecosystem. Integrated platform would require sustained investment across multiple phases. A holistic digital platform to embrace e-trading and an online marketplace; seamless supply chains; and smart farming and Further, India is expected to achieve the ambitious goal of doubling farm income by 2022. The agriculture sector in India is expected to generate better momentum in the next few years due to increased investment in agricultural infrastructure such as irrigation facilities, warehousing and cold storage. Furthermore, other than organic farming, the growing use of genetically modied crops would likely improve the yield of farmers. In the coming few years, due to concerted effort of scientists to get early maturing varieties of pulses and the increase in minimum support price, India is expected to be self-sufcient in pulses.

There are several estimates which indicate that approximately USD 35 billion of the value pool will be created in agri-logistics and agri-input delivery alone & USD 1,300 billion net-worth of agriculture industry in India by 2022. In business segments such as food processing, distribution, consumption and delivery, technologies like automated processing, IoT, AI, Big Data, robotics and its applications have transformed food services and food production into a sustainable model.

Coincidently, current food industry is fast adopting technology and automation. Thereby, the impact of technology on food production is echoed in increased efciency and higher outputs. All in all, other than aiming for reduced usage of energy and lower employment costs, transformation in meeting the prospects of human resources by the stakeholders is very much required in realizing the full potential of technology adoption.

We’re pleased to announce the third edition of TechBharat focusing on AgriTech & FoodTech sectors. Through its conclave & exhibition scheduled to take place during the Pre-Event o January 05, 2022 at VTU Campus Belagavi, Connecting Event on March 04, 05 , 2022 at UAS Campus, Bangalore & Main Event on May 19, 20 & 21 at CFTRI Campus, Mysuru, TechBharat 2022 is looking forward to groundbreaking & innovative agriculture as AgriTech is one of the most important attracting thousands of visitors from around the world.

We invite you to join us as enthusiast or exhibitors or delegate or visitors in the conference & expo. As you know, global warming, climate change, extreme weather phenomena, water deciency, and the resulting desertication present new challenges to us all, requiring extensive research, profound tactics, and durable solutions.

To address many timely issues and technological advancements, within the framework & theme of the third edition of TechBharat, several sessions are devoted entirely to the challenges and achievements related to food and agriculture sectors.

Our knowledge partners – CFTRI, NIFTEM & ICAR will spearhead the conclave together with entrepreneurs, specialists, researchers, progressive farmers and producers. In terms of displaying the latest technological developments and most innovative automation processes within the food & agricultural industries, a special Food Automation Pavilion is provided other than exclusive pavilions for AgriTech, FoodTech & Food Automation in the Main Event of TechBharat 2022.

As in the past, through the active support and participation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development & Ministry of Food Processing as well as National Institutions of repute, the Government of India will continue to partner in organizing the exhibition and its large variety of planned events.

At TechBharat’s AgriTech & FoodTech organizing team, in whichever capacity you choose, we are happy & privileged to support your participation in Agritech& FoodTech of TechBharat. Together, our best efforts will provide you with maximum exposure, and ensure an outstanding event overall.

Exhibitors at TechBharat 2022: It is the Expo / Exhibition that offers a meeting place for producers, researchers, investors, academics, purchasers and decision-makers representing both local and international interests from AgriTech, FoodTech & Food Automation. Those invited to participate include administrators from universities and national institutions, representatives of Governmental departments, progressive farmers, rural communities, technologists, regulatory bodies, startup entrepreneurs, and other individuals and organizations dealing with agriculture & food sectors.

Advantage to Delegates / Participants from AGRITECH & FOODTECH: Learn about solutions for food & agricultural challenges; discover newer technologies that could address most pressing problems of stakeholders of agriculture & food sectors; nd partners for your business venture; by networking with professionals, increase your potential customer base; meet industry veterans, technology solution providers, researchers & policy Pre-Event of TechBharat 2022 on January 05, 2022 at VTU Campus, Belagavi

Inaugural Session of the Pre-Event of TechBharat 2022:

Session Time: 10-30 am to 11-45 am

Chief Guest:  Dr. C N Ashwathnarayana,   Minister for Higher Edn, IT& BT and Skills, Government of Karnataka

Guests of Honour:             Abhay Patil, Hon’ble MLA, Belagavi South

                                 Dr. B. V. Naidu, Former Director, STPI & Chairman, KDEM

Dr. M B Chetti, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Dharwad

Dr. S. Rajendra Prasad, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore

                                 Dr.  VishnukanthChetapalli, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, KSRDPR University, Gadag

Presided by:          Dr. S. Karisiddappa, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, VTU, Belagavi

Title of Session-1: Technology Intervention to Agriculture Sector

Session Time: 12-00 noon to 01-30 pm

Introduction to the Session: As to increase agronomic productivity and address most evident impact of climate change, there is a real need for direct application of digital and other technologies to agriculture sector. Further, technologies can improve agricultural transparency & traceability; streamline agricultural supply chains, drive digital logistic services; enhance food safety; support trade in agriculture; create more & more self-employment in rural sector; real-time & trusted information to consumers and help combat fraudulent processes. Be it satellite data, data analytics, mobile or digital applications, articial intelligence, Internet-of-things (IoT), etc., these technologies are here to decrease manual labour requirement, improve accuracy and reduce the cost of monitoring, usage of water, bring energy efciency and create improved rural economy. In addition, as we progress, policies & regulatory norms of the Government for technological intervention should support the goal of achieving more resilient, sustainable and productive agriculture other than facilitating opportunities for commercial farming.

Panel of Speakers: Dr. K C Narayanaswamy, Director of Edn., University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore

 Dr. V B Kudachikar, Sr. Principal Scientist, Fruit & Vegetable Technology, CSIR-CFTRI, Mysuru

 Sujit Hukkerikar, Founder Director, Adis Technologies



 Dr. Jagadish Bapat, Director, School of Management Studies and Research, KLE Tech
Presided by:


 Dr. M B Chetti, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Dharwad

Title of the Session-2: Advanced Technologies in Food Processing

Session Time: 02-30 pm to 04-00 pm

Introduction to the Session: Be it desired self life, freezing, moisture content, preparation and preservation, improved safety and quality in variety of food products and process optimization in the production of food, everywhere innovative and advanced technologies are needed. In addition to technologies for sustainable growth, adoption of technologies should make economic sense; more efcient use of water, raw materials, oor space & efciency of equipment; reduced energy consumption; health of consumers & increased productivity. Big Data for Predictive Analysis, Internet of Things (IoT), Articial Intelligence (AI), smart sensors, smart robotics are boosting efciency, cost-effectiveness and helping the growth of new trends in food and beverages other than improve food safety and standards. For sure, as there is enormous potential for growth, smart and progressive technologies pushing the food industry into a new trend of the digital age.

Panel of Speakers:               Dr. Sai Prasad, Head, R&D at ITC Life Sciences and Technology Centre

 Prof. S Hemalatha, Head, Department. of Food Processing Technology, UAS, Dharwad

 Dr. B V Sathyendra Rao, Chief Scientist & Head, Technology Transfer & Buss Dev., CSIR-

Title of the Session-3: FPOs & its Way Forward

Session Time: 04-15 pm to 05-45 pm

Introduction to the Session: Especially for small landholding farmers, through a cooperative movement like Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), there is a continued need to re-organize them for overcoming their challenges. Bringing value proposition to promising farmers and access to nance & markets for progressive farmers would make the formation of FPOs in India a more  meaningful exercise under ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. Thereby, in linking farmers producers with agri-food markets or the consumer, FPOs play a signicant role. Further, in deploying new-age techniques to make farmers better their income, FPOs have to adapt to everchanging agronomics other than focusing on product diversity and food safety. The issues like capital ow into the agriculture sector; economy of farming; cutting down on cost of cultivation and setting a better market price for produce; Procurement processes and access to market linkages; investment in processing, value addition and branding of agricultural produce; meeting compliance compliances of food processing; nancial literacy and business skills to marginalized farmers; enabling environment for the women to participate in FPOs; and startups to work with small farmers for their leveraging of technology.

In supporting farmers on various aspects from input procurement to market linkages, Government of India through Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC), a registered society under Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare, Government of India, is promoting Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) by activating farmers and helping them in the process of forming businesses.

Panel of Speakers: Dr. R V Sreedhar, Sr. Scientist, Plant Cell Biotechnology, CSIR-CFTRI, Mysuru

      Shri C M Patil, CEO, KrushiKalpa Foundation

        Dr. Ashok S. Alur, Director, Centre of Excellence for FPOs, GOK, Bengaluru

       Dr. Jayateerth Kulkarni, Chairman and Founder of Belagavi Contract Farming

                                        Shri Kuntu Sagar Haradi, Partner KKP & Co, Sanchalak  FPO Prakosta

       Shri G B Viswanath, Principal Scientist , ICAR – KVK, Belgaum

Presided by:                  Dr. VishnukanthChetapalli, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, KSRDPR University, Gadag

Parallel Session: Pitching for Startup Exhibitors

Session Time: 02-30 pm to 06-00 pm

With 5 minutes ‘elevator pitch’ on their idea / value proposition, potential strategies, competitors’ analysis and ‘pros & cons’ of the proposal, opportunity given for startup entrepreneurs to present their short, precise and impactful idea or business plan that could draw attention of the panel of mentors, adjudicators and investors present at the Pre-Event of TechBharat 2022.

Panel of Jury:        Dr. D V Chidanand, Head, Industry-Academia Cell, NIFTEM – Thanjavur

Dr. K M Harini Kumar, Professor & Coordinator, Agri Innovation Center, UAS Bangalore

Shri Naveen Lakkur, Innovation Coach, Institute of Inspiring Innovation (III)

Prof C V Siva Rama Krishna, Head Centre for Advance Learning and Software Dev, BMSCE.

Shri Arun Hiriyanna, Advisor, Captela Ventures

Shri Karan Kumar, Business Coach & Investor

Shri Jemcy Nanjappa, Entrepreneur

 Shri Darshan Sridharmurthy, Entrepreneur

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