Journalists must not restrict to areas but be part of whole Karnataka: CM Bommai

Pragativahini News, Vijayapura, Feb.04: Journalists must not limit themselves to a certain region but are part of the whole of Karnataka and then only the loud noise of the state is heard. There must not be any differentiation as North or South but they must speak about the whole state if all the regions are developed. The press reporters must discuss these issues, said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking after inaugurating the 37th State Level Journalists Conference organized by Karnataka Union of Working Journalists Association and Vijayapura District Working Journalists Association here on Saturday, he said journalists and politicians have a close relationship and both cannot do their jobs without the support of each other. The press reporters create opinions by presenting news and building their personalities. If there are no journalists, none would have read newspapers. A healthy relationship is possible if there is an honest working relationship and when the borders are not crossed. If journalists and politicians have a good relationship politics and administration will be good. The journalism field has undergone a lot of changes and every reader has become a journalist. Under these circumstances, the biggest challenge before them was to protect this field as well as to strengthen this profession. That is possible through credibility and consensus. It applies to politicians also.

Bus pass for rural scribes

The CM said the government has given solutions for many problems and will continue to do so. There is a demand to give free bus passes to rural journalists and it will be considered provided the Association furnishes details. The amount will be earmarked in the coming budget. Request to hike the monthly pension amount of the retired journalists will be considered and the grants will be provided in the budget. The government is ready to allow the maintenance of the ‘Patrakarthara Bhavan’ by journalists or else it will be taken care of by the government.

Competition within

Reacting to the plea to nominate senior journalists to the State Legislative Council, Bommai said already there is heavy competition among them as the supporters of the ruling party vie for the nomination. However, the demand for the journalists’ Association will be considered in the coming days. The government will take steps for the allotment of sites from the local urban development authorities for journalists and also revise the rates for government advertisements. Covering journalists under the Yashaswini scheme will be looked into.

Karnataka must become a state to feed the nation

The CM said the conference of modern thinkers is held in the land of Basavanna. If the conference wants to be meaningful, the participants must inculcate the values of Basavanna and Sri Siddeshwara Swamiji. The Vijayapura district has a rich heritage and a confluence of five rivers. The nutrition of the jawar grown in the district is not found in the hybrid variety. The people of the district are good-natured and hard-working. Karnataka will feed the whole nation if the Krishna water reaches tail-end farms of five lakh hectares. To make this dream a reality they must work united.

Administrators must have clarity

He said when he was Water Resources Minister, they were saying no to the Scheme ‘B’ schemes like Chimmalagi and Gutti Basavanna. At that time, he told that there is only one scheme, Krishna Scheme, and no ‘A’ or ‘B’ scheme. The people were explained that the basic infrastructure of the scheme needs to be done by the state but follow the Tribunal order on the sharing of water. In 2009, seven out of the nine projects in the Krishna- 3rd stage were started. Those who are at the helm of affairs must have clarity and know about their jurisdiction. If they want to make good to the people there will be one hundred ways to do it. The government is working so that the benefits must reach the last man in society. The development of Karnataka as a whole is possible if they find out the solutions to all problems of all regions.

Ministers C.C.Patil, Govind Karjol, Murgesh Nirani, KUWJ State President Shivanand Tagadur, and others were present. On this occasion, the CM felicitated senior journalists, B.N.Mallesh, Sukanya, and the CM medium coordinator Shankar Pagoji.

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