Farmer-centric schemes required for farmers’ welfare: CM Bommai

Pragativahini News, Bengaluru: Farmers will improve only if farmer-centric schemes are formulated, said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking after releasing an audio CD of “Kasinasara” here on Friday, he said the agriculture profession is filled with values and also a sacred work. The nature of agriculture differs from one region to another region. Despite the uncertainty, they will have a relationship of confidence with mother earth. “We pay money to see the magic but there is no big magic called land created by the creator. You sow one seed and harvest hundreds of grains. We have ensured food safety for the 130 crore population thanks to modernisation and research. But the farmer is still living in uncertainty”.

The beauty of village life

He said the village life is beautiful is there will be love, confidence and strong bond. The people there will mingle on both happy and sad occasions, such kind of intimacy is not seen anywhere in the country. Here both house and hearts are interwoven.

Kasinasara, dream of girl students

The CM said Kasinasara is loved by the girls and having it will be their lifetime dream of theirs in the villages. The story behind this Kasinasara is understood. This experiment has been done by Director Nanjundegowda. Producer Doddanagegowda has tried to give a message to the state through this movie.

Challenge them not to poison the earth

Bommai said efforts will be made to help farmers. Hitherto, female foeticide was rampant. Mother earth says to take care of the girl just like brothers. At a time when there is a challenge before them to fill the 130 crore population, mother earth is poisoned. It must be stopped immediately. Better management of the soil must be their priority.

Food crisis

The experts have predicted a severe food crisis in the world in the coming days. So, they need to adopt organic and natural farming to make agriculture remunerative. The experts must focus on this. Food production must be increased through organic agriculture, Bommai said.

He said the movie has beautifully picturised the agriculture-based family social problems. Those who waste rice and eat rice must watch the movie.

Minister S.T.Somashekar, actor Tara Anuradha and others were present.

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