Legislative Council Election : An acid test for CM Bommai

Will he lead party to the victory next assembly election?

http://Pragativahini.in Bengaluru – The up coming elections for the Karnataka Legislative council from the local bodies is a litmus test for the capability of Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai. After a setback in the by election from the Hanagal assembly constituency Bommai is facing a major test for his capacity to lead the party during next assembly election.

BJP is Karnataka is still facing difficulty to come out of the shadow of former CM B S Yedyurappa. Yedyurappa a Lingayat strongman had become synonym with the BJP in the state. His unexpected exit from the seat of CM and coronation of Bommai as the CM too was unexpected for the BJP cadres. Yedyurappa who built the party from the scratch in the state is now facing the identity crisis. Though he and his supporters are angry with the decision of the party high command they are not in a position to openly revolt against the party.

Karnataka is the only state in South where BJP is a force to recon with. Despite the hard effort by the BJP high command the party could not make any break through in rest of the Southern states (except Puducherry which is Union Territory). The social and economic equations in the South are entirely different from the North India. Despite its hard effort BJP could not win a single a seat in Kerala where RSS is said to be very strong. In Tamil Nadu BJP could win only 2 seats with alliance of AIADMK. Though BJP is making some inroad into Telangana, still Andhra Pradesh is a distant dream for BJP.

So, Karnataka is only state where BJP can form the government is Karnataka. So, BJP is making all its efforts to retrain power in the state. After replacement of Yedyurappa BJP was in dilemma to choose his predecessor. After lot of discussion and with consent of Yedyurappa it opted for another Lingayat leader Basavaraj Bommai. Th0ough he was new entrant to BJP and was from Janata Parihar party gave him a chance because he hailed from North Karnataka which is the bastion of Lingayats. The election for 3 municipal corporations where BJP won all the three had come as a booster for Bommai. But during the by election to the Sindhagi and Hanagal constituencies it was a mixed bag for BJP as it won by huge margin in Sindhagi and lost heavily in Hanagal. It was a personal set back to Bommai too because it is the part of Haveri district to which Bommai belongs to.

Now the election for Legislative council has come as a challenge for the CM. though there are 25 seats both BJP and Congress opted to contest for 20 seats each. BJP is eying on 15 seats to get clear majority in LC. Till now it has to depend upon the JDS to get the bills passed in LC.

But this election is another acid test for Bommai. If he fails to win minimum 15 seats in the state he may be replaced before the next assembly election which is scheduled in April 2023.

Recent statement of K S Eshwarappa former BJP president and minister in Bommai cabinet that Murugesh Nirani another Lingayat strong man from north Karnataka will become the CM soon is interpreted as the exit of Bommai if he fails to show his leadership quality in the LC elections.

This is giving a sleepless night for Bommai and he is using all ‘techniques’ to win the maximum seats in LC election. Only the result of the LCF election will redefine the political fate of present CM, the BJP sources said.

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