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The Ever Glittering Gold-Real Estate 

The Real Estate and Gold were always been the best choice of investments for the Indians from ages

 Chaitanya Kulkarni
The Real Estate and Gold were always been the best choice of investments for the Indians from ages .
Both these investments has  seen tremendous transformation in the past few centuries. The recent developments from  couple of decades and with all the regulations that are brought in has changed the entire scenario of the investment.
When we look into the gold trade in the past couple of decades we have seen  BIG corporate’s entering the gold market and we could see a huge change with many National and International brands coming to India for gold trade . The Traditional goldsmiths are struggling to exist and  at the same time the new corporates  are opening up the new showrooms pan India.
The certification of gold and its articles by BIS has changed the way of business of  gold and has created a level playing field for  all the players involved in the trade.
Lets understand the Hallmark of Gold 
Hallmark gold is the certified gold that goes through a process of quality check and assurance called as hallmarking. An agency under Government of India, called the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), carries out this process of hallmarking to certify the purity and fineness of a gold item. Hallmarking on the gold piece shows that the gold used for making that item adheres to the international standards of purity under the rules and regulations of the BIS Act. The BIS is the only organization recognized by the Government of India that operates the certification system for hallmarking of gold items including jewelry, coins and bars. There are many hallmarking and assaying centers that are recognized by the BIS wherein licensed jewelers can get their jewelry items hallmarked and certified.
Hallmarked gold items are laser engraved with these four components – The standard BIS Logo, Purity in Karat and Fineness, the Assaying and Hallmarking Centre’s logo or number and the Jeweler’s Identification mark or logo. Know more about these components through our guide BIS Hallmarking – Meaning & Importance.
It is suggested to go for hallmarked gold items only to avoid forgery when purchasing physical gold such as gold coins & jewelry. Not only it ensures purity, but the hallmark also helps one to get better resale value while selling it later.
This process of hallmarking has  Transformed the way of business in total. Now the people can invest in the right quality of gold just by looking at the hallmarking.
The same way the real estate Has seen huge transformation in the past four decades. The image  of real estate builder is all that  you have  seen in our Hindi movies. The whole lot of dirty money was part of the business and it was absolutely in the clutches of those people who could manage everything.
The days have changed the real estate industry with the involvement of noble people in the business who have struggled to exist competing with these Bollywood style builders . It would have been very difficult without the new policies  that  are proposed and  adopted by the government to regulate this industry. The real estate regulating authority RERA  has tried to bring in transparency and  CREATED a level playing Field for the good players in the Industry. The digitization of records is helping a lot and Title Certification is  going to be a game changer for the Indian real estate market .
The guidance value which is now at par with market value has washed away all the scope of dirty money in the business and this scenario has created a quality product worth investing.
The RERA is trying to be the  hallmark of gold in the real estate and with this new regulations . Now the real estate has become a great priority of  investment for every citizen of this country.
The organization’s like CREDAI  which has already set their ethical standards in doing the business by bringing in Code of conduct for its members even before RERA .
The image of the builder that was shown in Bollywood has changed and Now the builders are also known as  Nation Builders contributing a great to the GDP and employment by creating wealth.
In my opinion this is the golden period for the safe investment with the best return on your Investment. The  TAX  benefits are added Bonus and the assurance is of great resale value for  your asset .
The recent pandemic has taught us new normal‘s and I am of the opinion that the growth of real estate will know more be restricted to the metros. The real estate has become  a ever glittering gold and a trustworthy investment in India .
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