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On settlement of BORDER DISPUTE Between Karnataka & Maharashtra..

Letter to PM Narendra Modi

Pragativahini News, Belagavi – Doctor, Kannada Social activist Dr.Veeresh Panchaksarimath wrote a letter to PM Narendra Modi regarding history of Karnataka, & Kannada.



Veeresh Panchaksharimath

Kannada Kanmani Yuvaka Sangha





Shri Narendra Modiji through Deputy Commissioner Belagavi

# 7, Lok Kalyan Marg

New Delhi – 110011

Respected Sir,

Sub : On settlement of BORDER DISPUTE Between Karnataka & Maharashtra..


     The reason I am writing this letter is the Karnataka and Maharashtra border dispute. As you know, Mahajan Commission was formed by the Central Government because of Maharashtra’s objection after the division of the states on the basis of language. The report was submitted to the Central Home Department on 25th Aug 1967. But Maharashtra rejected this too and showed its arrogance.

     Leaving all this, I wish to share you about the history of Karnataka and how far Karnataka existed before. You can check what I have written from history and confirm it through Google sir…

  • The Kadambas who were the first emperors of Kannada ruled over the Konkan regions of today’s Maharashtra.
  • Later, our Chalukyas were the ones who crossed Maharashtra and ruled till Narmada with Badami as their center.


  • Today’s entire Maharashtra was under our Kannada Chalukyas later was under our Rashtrakutas. 


  • It is history that the Rashtrakuta emperor Amoghavarsha gave charity to the goddess of Kolhapur and cut off his finger to that mother.


  • Today’s famous Pandarapur temple was built by our Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana.


  • History bears witness that Ajanta, Ellora, Elephanta are all gifts of our Rashtrakutas.


  • Bhuleshwar Temple in Maharashtra was built by our Kannada King Krishna Devaraya.


  • Dhopeshwara temple was built by 2nd Pulakesi of our Chalukyas.


  • It is history that Maharashtra was also ruled by our then Sultan of Bijapur.


  • Hundreds of Kannada rock inscriptions are still found in Maharashtra which is a significant evidence. Recently found on 18th July 2022 in Sripalavam village of Satara district.

Maharashtra cannot compare to Kannada and Karnataka which have a history of about 2500 years. When Maharashtra says that Belagavi is ours, how can we remain silent? 

Kolhapur, Solhapur, Jatt, Akkalakote are still dominated by our Kannadigas. Still we never demand these areas. All Indians should be together in a union system. Indianness has no meaning if there are fights among ourselves because of land, water and language.

Maharashtra should stop demanding a rich region like our Belagavi for the sake of profit. Apart from this, they should pay attention to the development of their own state.

It would be good if you personally check all these things and inform the politicians of Maharashtra. From now onwards, I wish Maharashtra to stop digging the border issue and seek the interest of its own people and have a good relationship with Karnataka.

Thanking you


Date: 12/12/2022                                                                                                                  Your’s Faithfully

Place: Belagavi                                                                                                              Veeresh Panchaksharimath



  • Shri Amit Shah, Hon’ble Home Minister India

Ministry of Home Affairs, North Block, New Delhi -110001

  • Shri Basavaraj Bommai, Hon’ble Chief Minister Karnataka

204, 2nd Floor, Vidhana Soudha, Ambedkar Vidi, Bengaluru-560001

  • Shri Eknath Shinde, Hon’ble Chief Minister Maharashtra

No 2, Bhavan Kisan Nagar, Kalagale, Thane.

  • Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Hon’ble DCM Maharashtra

Madam Cama Road, Mantralaya, Mmbai- 400032.


*Border row: Meeting under Union Home Minister chairmanship: CM Bommai*

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