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*English is heart of the world. Few words with you* (Part 3 (f) Asking questions in ‘Past continuous’)

 It is something special to use in your chit chat

 It is something special to use in your chit chat

By Ravikaranam
Helping verbs are ‘was’ and ‘were’. With the help of them, we prepare questions. Carefully observe here, this is ‘ing’ form. ‘ing’ shows action in progress. Before preparing the questions, must read ‘past continuous’.
Here we go.
Helping verbs is ‘was’ and ‘were’
Was – I,He,She,It.
Were – We, You, You, They.
Formula = Was/Were + Subject + Verb(1) + ing + Object.
Was I watching movie?
Yes, you were watching movie.
Wasn’t I watching  movie?
No, you weren’t watching movie .
Was I taking class  ?
Yes, you were taking class.
Wasn’t I taking class ?
No, you weren’t taking class.
Was he maintaining the car?
Yes, he was maintaining the car.
Wasn’t he maintaining the car?
No ,he wasn’t maintaining the car.
Was he running fast ?
Yes ,he was running fast
Wasn’t he running fast?
No, he wasn’t running fast.
Was she saying to you*
Yes ,She was saying to me.  .
Wasn’t she saying to you?
No ,She wasn’t saying to me.
Was she preparing Roti?
Yes ,She was preparing Roti.
Wasn’t she preparing Roti?
No ,She wasn’t preparing Roti.
Was it requesting him?
Yes , it was requesting him.
Wasn’t  it requesting him ?
No , it wasn’t requesting him .
Was it barking continuously ?
Yes , it was barking continuously.
Wasn’t  it barking continuously  ?
No , it wasn’t barking continuously .
Were we sending money ?
Yes, you were sending money.
Weren’t we sending money ?
No, you weren’t sending money.
Were we participating in competition?
Yes, we were participating in competition.
weren’t we participating in competition.  ?
No, we weren’t participating in competition.
Were you playing chess ?
Yes  I was playing chess.
weren’t you playing chess?
No,  I wasn’t playing chess.
were you feeding birds?
Yes  I was feeding birds
weren’t you feeding birds?
No,  I wasn’t feeding birds.
Were they organizing the programme.
Yes, they were organizing the programme.
weren’t they organizing the programme.?
No, they weren’t organizing the programme.
Were they learning music ?
Yes, they were.learning music
Weren’t they learning music?
No, they weren’t learning music.

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