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Pragativahini News, Bengaluru: *Highlights of the meeting held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on 12-6-2023 regarding drinking water problem and Jaljeevan Mission progress in 8 districts of the state and management of Indira Canteen:*
1. A video conference was held with the district administrations of Bidar, Kalaburagi, Yadgiri, Raichur, Koppala, Bellary, Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts of the state.
2. Monsoon has started in the state on June 10.  As per the information from June 1 to 11, the state received less than the usual rainfall. There is a shortage of 67%. The Meteorological Department has predicted that rainfall will be normal the coming days.
3. But due to lack of rain in the last few days, the government has taken notice of severe of drinking water problem in some districts.
4. In 15 districts of the state drinking water is being provided through tankers in 322 villages and private bore wells are being rented in 148 villages.
5. There was drinking water problem in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts due to shortfall in pre-monsoon rains. As the monsoon has begun, the water problem is expected to be resolved in the coming days.
6. In Raichur and Koppal districts, though there is no shortage of drinking water, the issue  of contaminated water is being  taken seriously. Senior officials of the Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department have been instructed to visit the spot, conduct an inquiry and submit a report. Based on its report, the Chief Secretary has been directed to take action against the .
7 Zilla Panchayat  CEOs should visit the taluk. The functioning of PDOs should be monitored. Check the quality of water pipeline installation under the Jaljeevan Mission scheme. It was suggested to take action in case of breaking of pipe or any other problem.
8. The following instructions were issued to the officers:
9. The issue of drinking water should be dealt with carefully. Action should be taken to provide water within 24 hours of the problem
10. District In-charge Secretaries were also instructed to take precautions in this regard.
11. If drinking water problem arises in any district, action should be taken to solve it immediately.  Delay due to administrative matters should not happen. It was also instructed to think about delegation of power in this regard.
12. In the villages where water is   provided   through Jaljeevan Mission, EO, Engineers should conduct inspection, check the pipelines and rectify any problems. It was warned that cases of consumption of contaminated water should not recur.
13. It is your responsibility to provide clean drinking water to all people. Grants will be provided if required. Don’t shift the responsibility by giving lame excuses. The issue of drinking water is a very sensitive issue. It would be good if it rains and drinking water problem is solved. Otherwise, the authorities should be alert 24 hours a day and solve the water problem. Take action using the privileges provided to you.
14.  The district in-charge should be in touch with the minister and provide proper information about the water problem situation.
15. Care should be taken to ensure that there is no drinking water problem for cattle.
16. Preference for precautionary measures. All support will be provided to solve the problem.  Strict action will be taken n case of irresponsibility.
*Jal Jeevan Mission :*
1. A review was made regarding   the implementation of the Jal Jeevan Mission scheme in the state.
2. It was decided to identify projects with sustainable water source under this scheme and implement them on priority basis.
3. It was decided to conduct a third party audit of the works of this project   and R. O plants installed in the state.
*Indira Canteen:*
1. It was instructed to visit the Indira  canteens and  submit a  report on the condition and functioning.
2. Repairs must be undertaken where ever necessary and the canteens should be in good condition. Food quality should be maintained. The prescribed menu should be followed strictly.
3. It was proposed to decentralize the tender process and invite tenders in 8 zones. It was suggested to maintain transparency.
Cleanliness, quality and quantity should not be compromised. Instructions were given to provide local food in North Karnataka.
5. It was instructed to invite Ministers and   MLAs for lunch as it would be helpful to keep watch on maintain quality.
6.  Instructions were given to  submit proposal for setting up new Indira Canteen at public places like college, hospital, bus stand, taluk office etc.
7. It was decided to bear   50 %  of  grants from  BBMP and 50% from the Government grants.   It was decided to bear 70 per cent of the grants   from the government and 30% from urban local bodies.

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