Shed ego, bow before God: CM Bommai

Inaugration of Mukteshwar Temple

Pragativahini News, Haveri : The elders built temples to unite everyone and make them involved in religious activities without any differentiation. They must shed ego and bow before God, said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking after inaugurating the Mukteshwar Temple at Shidenur village in Byadgi taluk of Haveri district on Tuesday, he said the birthplace of Nehru Olekar is Shidenur and he has proved that he hasn’t forgotten his native village. Born in an ordinary farmer family, he is actively involved in organizations and later got elected as MLA to serve the people. By doing this religious work, the MLA has made honest efforts to pay back his native village.

The CM said Mukteshwara is the most revered god and this temple has a rich history. This temple will gain more importance in the coming days. The forefathers had started a good culture. The social reformer Basavanna had said ‘Dehave Degula’ and stressed the purity of atma. In his vachanas, Basavanna has said the body must be pure always and it must be followed. The purpose of building the temples was to ensure purity en masse. The mind will be calm by visiting temples. The rituals connected with temples must be celebrated by all the people irrespective of caste, color, or religion The entrance of the temple will be big to symbolize that everyone is welcome but the sanctum sanctorum will be small. The reason is that they must shed egos and bow their head before god. The MLA, Olekar has done a good job and lord Mukteshwara will do good for him.
MLA Nehru Olekar, Sri Sadashiva Mahaswamiji, Mahesh Tenginkai, and others were present.

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