Govt’s assistance for children of ‘Krishi’ award winners: Bommai

Funding for higher studies in Agriculture varsities

Pragativahini News,Dharwad : Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai announced that the state government will bear the fees of higher education including post-graduation in Agriculture universities of the children of those who have bagged the ‘Krishi’ awards.

Speaking after dedicating Dr S.V.Patil Agriculture Research, Training and Farmers’ Welfare Peeta, presentation of ‘Krishi Pandit’ and ‘Krishi’ award, launching of Raitha Shakti, Krishi Sanjeevini vehicles and Raitha Vidyanidhi scheme under the aegis of Agriculture Department and University of Agricultural Sciences here on Tuesday, he said this time, the budget will be pro-farmers. Rural life must be good and the government is working to bring social equality through economic empowerment. A chair has been established in the name of Dr S.V. Patil, founder of Universal of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad. The ‘Kayaka’ scheme has been formulated for the welfare of those involved in other professions. The Swami Vivekananda Yuvashakti scheme will be inaugurated next week. The government has implemented the Streeshakti scheme to help self-employment.

Construction of new types of godowns in the pipeline

The CM said intending to improve the agriculture field, the government is thinking of constructing new types of godowns in rural areas for the benefit of small and marginal farmers. This will help farmers to sell when good prices come for the crops. The aim of this is to enable farmers to store their produce after the harvesting of crops. Agriculture Minister B.C.Patil for the first time has established 12 cold storage units. The Raitha Sanjeevini vehicles will come from the laboratories to farmers’ fields. It is a good move to identify those who have achieved in the field of agriculture and present them with awards.
Revolutionary program

Bommai said none of them had spoken about the agricultural labourers. These voiceless people did not know even to submit the memorandum seeking help to educate their children so that they can also come out of the huts. So, this has been a revolutionary program. Any changes must happen from the grassroots level. The last man in society must be kept in mind while chalking out any new scheme. Now, these families have gained the confidence of educating their children out of the government’s financial aid. This scheme has reached nearly five lakh children.

He said the agricultural loan has been disbursed to 33 lakh farmers. Discussions are on with the experts to bring economic changes in agriculture and to ascertain several facts including the cost of cultivation of jawar on one acre of land. A special program will be chalked out for this in the coming days. Strengthening farmers and labourers will help to strengthen the nation. The agriculture loan policy must change to make agriculture a remunerative field. The price must be fixed after the arrival of the agricultural crops in the market. The farmers must know about the price of the product well in advance and that kind of scheme will be implemented. The agriculture sector will be given more strength. Under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sanman scheme, more than Rs 20 lakh crore grant had been given to the whole country. In Karnataka, the grants are given to 46 lakh farmers. Each farmer is given Rs 10,000-Rs 6,000 from the union government and Rs 4000 from the state government. Efforts are on to find out the solutions to the basic problems.

Raitha Shakti: A record decision by Govt

He said Rs 390 crore has been transferred to the bank accounts of 51 lakh farmers. The Raitha Shakti program is the government bearing the cost of diesel used by farmers to operate the agricultural equipment for which Rs 500 crore is reserved. If the agricultural income has to increase, the families of farmers must be in other professions, and then only that family will be strong. The field of agriculture has witnessed development as well as the green revolution. Farmers play an important role in feeding the 130 crore people of India.

Agricultural universities are involved in innovations in the field of agriculture. “The condition of farmers has not improved even though the agriculture field is improving. So, the government launched the Raitha Vidyanidhi scheme to help the children of farmers to involve in other fields as well as to provide education to them. As many as 11 lakh children of farmers have been given Rs 488 crore. Applications were not received from the beneficiaries of Raitha Shakti or Vidyanidhi. The children of any community are eligible for this scheme no matter if they are taking the scholarship. The government has given a crop input subsidy of Rs 1900 crore to 14 lakh farmers within two months. The state government has doubled the crop input subsidy being given to farmers in case of crop damage due to nature’s fury. It is much higher than the input subsidy given by the previous governments.

Agriculture Minister B.C.Patil, Sugar & Textile Minister Shankar Patil Munenkoppa, MLAs Siddi Savadi, Arvind Bellad, Agriculture Department Secretary Shivayogi Kalasad, and UAS, Dharwad Vice-Chancellor Dr P.L.Patil and others were present.

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