*Unstoppable Chinese attack in Arunachal* 

 The Indian Army is alert immediately, wresting again

 The Indian Army is alert immediately, wresting again

Pragativahini News, NewDelhi:  Army activities started in the border of Arunachal.  Because it has been noticed that jet planes belonging to China are flying in that part of the border.  Because of that, Indian planes are now on the lookout.  Crossing the border is not a new thing.  As same task, China will always continue with its machinations. India’s recent acquisition of Rafale fighter jets and increasing its war power capability is intolerable.
 Even in the past, when they crossed the border, they had quarrelled only.  weapons were not used. Both countries do not want to wage war  in the present situation and not ready to face financial huge loss.  However, it has ensured that the airspace is patrolled three times a week.
 The Congress sought an official discussion on this matter in the Parliament and wanted a statement from the Defence  Minister.  *Rajnath singh Defence Minister* informed the Parliament that the attempt of the Chinese soldiers to breach the LAC in the *Tawang sector* of Arunachal Pradesh was failed by the Indian soldiers on December 9 and there was no loss of life.

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