*We will build a state by creating a garden of peace for all : Chief Minister Siddaramaiah*

*BJP's downfall has begun from Karnataka*:

Pragativahini News, Bengaluru : Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the people have brought the Congress to power with the belief that they will build a garden of peace in the state by creating a garden of peace for all people with equal opportunities.
He was replying to  the debate on the Governor’s speech in the Legislative Council today.
People of the state have never blessed the BJP. He said that he came to power through the back door and ruled without a mandate from the people, he said.
*BJP’s downfall has begun from Karnataka*:
The CM said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was invited to do a road show and people did not vote even though Nadda said they would vote for Narendra Modi. Don’t depend on PM Modi anymore, he advised.
BJP has lost wherever Modi has visited.    Modi also had a name. But now it is fading. There is no doubt that PM Modi is a popular leader. Those who are above must come down, those who are below must come up. He said that the downfall of BJP has started from Karnataka itself.
*It is not our culture to set fire between religions:*
Religions may be different in our country. But the essence of all religions is the same. It is inhuman to build walls between people, to set fire between religions. That is not our culture or heritage. Even in diversity, unity should be seen. We are the ones who believe in it. They are not attached to any religion or caste, he said.
*Congress committed to the ideology of secularism:*
We respect all religions, castes and customs. Adikavi Pampa said “ Manava Jaathi Taanonde Valam” . We are all humanitarians. Since this is in our constitution, we cannot bow down to anything other than the constitution. Congress party is committed to this principle. The constitution says that this is secularism. There are 142 crore people in India. we are all Indians.
Caste was made for someone’s selfishness. As said by Basavanna 850 years ago, Kayaka and Dasoha. No one is above or below in the profession. That is where the concept of legislature comes from Anubhava Mantapa. Discrimination exists in the caste system. Vertical society should be made into horizontal society. He said that people should not be made above and below, everyone should be equal, he said.
*Wall should not be built between men:*
I have told BJP people many times not to practice casteism. We should not say that our religion is the best. People do not agree with this. People have not trusted you in five elections. Why are BJP people upset if we talk about Hitler? Hitler is a bigot, is BJP for him?  Wall should not be built between men. If we start a fire between castes, it will burn us.
Politically and socially there is inequality which  should be removed.
*We are putting money in people’s pockets*
There should be equality and harmony in the state. Universal basic income is being followed in Northern European countries. We are putting Rs.  5000 in people’s pockets through the five guarantees. BJP took money from the pocket by putting GST on rice, wheat, milk, curd, pen and pencil. About 52,000 crores are spent annually through Griha Lakshmi, Griha Jyoti, Annabhagya, Shakti, Yuvanidhi, he said. If money is in people’s hands, business and transactions will take place. During Corona, people suffered without money in their hands. Prime Minister himself has said that guarantees will bankrupt the state. But we will fulfill the guarantees and will not let the state go bankrupt, he said.
*Unwise logic of the Opposition*
Immediately after coming to power on 20 May, the government gave in-principle approval to 5 guarantees. On June 8, we decided on the how these guarantees would be implemented. Funds are also allocated for 5 guarantees in the budget. But, the opposition party criticized and asked as to how funds will be mobilized and how the state will be run. Demanding to provide 200 units to everyone under Griha Jyoti is an unwise logic of the opposition party.   BJP did not get votes in 7 districts.  We will not say, that India should be free of   BJP. BJP should never come to power, if we want the State to develop he said.
*Shakti Yojana – Reforms in KSRTC*
Out of 7 crore people in the state 50 percent are women. Women of the State are happy. So far, 18 crore women have travelled through Shakti Yojana. The government has decided to appoint 13 thousand conductors, transport staff and purchase 4000 buses. When they travel, tourism, employment will also increase.  49.6 lakh women are travelling in a day. Women should also participate in economic activities. Those who do not have money in their hands should get money in their hands. Women have been deprived of literate culture for thousands of years. Women have been deprived of education for thousands of years. Such schemes have been implemented with the objective of bringing economic empowerment to women, Dalits and the poor. Shakti scheme  is being implemented very successfully. There are already 3 guarantees in place. 4000 crores are being spent on the energy project. 2,800 to 3,000 crore will be spent for the rest of this year. KSRTC is also improving, he said
*Griha Jyoti:*  will come into effect from July 1, he said.. If the average electricity cost is saved, that money is being saved for the people. SC/STs use 75 units for Kutira Jyoti, Bhagya Jyoti, Amrita Jyoti schemes. He explained that a 10% avarage is taken to provide free electricity.
*Grilahakshmi –country’s first women empowerment project:*
We require 30 thousand crores per year for this project. Rs. 2000 will be credited to the woman of the house from August 16. Rs.  17 to 18 thousand crores have been earmarked for this year. 1 crore 30 lakh families will be benefitted. This is the first such project in the country. The price of gas,  petrol, diesel, fertilizers have increased. Isn’t it a good program to give money to the pockets of the people who are shaken by the price hike?  This is Universal Basic Income. To this extent, women are becoming economically empowered, he said.
*Annabhagya – no one should beg for food*
We had decided to  start the scheme from July 1. 2,29,000 MT of rice is required per month. We said that we will give 5 kg of rice to the state along with the central government’s 5 kg of rice. I have implemented the Annabhagya Yojana so that one should ask anyone for food. As the Union Government stopped the supply of rice to the States, instead of 5 kg,
170 Rs is being remitted to the account of each beneficiary, he said.
*Yuvanidhi* : Graduates  and diploma holders who have passed  in 2022-23, and are unemployed for  6 months, will be provided Yuvanidhi for the next 24 months. In the meantime, they will be given skill training. Yuvanidhi will be stopped as soon as the youth gets a job. He said that in this way the government will solve the problem of unemployment in Karnataka.
*People don’t have to live in fear*
13500 crore more is being collected through GST tax collection, increase in excise duty, increase in motor vehicle tax, stamp duty. We have fulfilled our promises. Out of the 600 promises given by BJP, not even 10%   has been fulfilled. Our government will implement all the guarantee schemes. 35,410 crore is required for the rest of this year and the grant has been allotted. People don’t need to live with anxiety. He said that the Government is working towards providing food, legal protection and money to all.
*Shakti Yojana: Dharamsthala’s Dharmadhikari’s Appreciation*
The Dharmadhikari of  Dharamsthala has expressed his appreciation that women are visiting Dharmasthala and are offering prayers in  the name of the Chief Minister for implementing Shakti Yojana, in his letter.

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