Congress bite the dust in Karnataka: CM Bommai

Addressing Jan Sankalp Yatra in Kunigal on Wednesday

Pragativahini News, Tumkur :The Congress Party will completely perish in the State, said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.
Addressing Jan Sankalp Yatra in Kunigal on Wednesday, he said the Congress Party has ruled Karnataka for the maximum period and that the party government did nothing but fool people. To be in power, the Congress Party rulers misled the people continuously. However, after BJP emerged as an alternative force, the Congress Party has lost its place all over the country. Their games of seeking vote on caste basis, dividing religions, creation of sub-castes and making tall claims as the champions of dalits, backward classes and minorities, have been exposed. The Congress leaders talk of upliftment of the poor and downtrodden only through the speeches and create the impression that there will be no protection if they are not there. The backward classes people have remained backward. Now, all those communities are awakened and question what had been done for them by the Congress government. Seeing the amount spent on their upliftment, the life of those communities should have been on the top. But they are not able to progress financially, socially and academically.
Rs 2 lakh crore borrrowing
Bommai said the state’s development was limping and there was no Covid-19 epidemic when Siddaramaiah was the chief minister. The financial position was in a very bad state. But still, the Siddaramaiah Government imposed a loan of Rs 2 lakh crore on the people of Karnataka. With so much borrowing the State should have been developed. The BJP in its five year ruling had spent Rs 32,000 crore to irrigate 7 lakh hectares of land. In contrast, the Congress government had irrigated just 2 lakh acres of land by spending Rs 54,000 crore during its five years of ruling. “Where that money went…to whose pocket that money went”.
The CM termed Congress as “Gangotri of Corruption’ and said the Lokayukta institution was closed to start the Anti-Corruption Bureau as over 50 cases were pending against the chief minister and his cabinet colleagues. The ACB filed a ‘B’ report on all the cases despite having evidence for many cases. The closure of Lokayukta is the best example of the corruption of the Congress Party. The Congress ministers looted many government departments for five years and they did not spare even the rice distributed to poor people under ‘Anna Bhagya’ scheme.
Pro-BJP wave
The CM said there is pro-BJP wave all over Tumkur district and the response of people has been tremendous in Hyderabad-Karnataka, Central Karnataka and Mumbai-Karnataka region. The welfare programs of both the state and the union governments are making the people support BJP. In 2018 Assembly polls, BJP had lost in Kunigal, Tumkur Rural, Koratagere and Madhugiri by a small margin and in the next election the saffron party will sweep all the seats.
Ministers, Govind Karjol, Araga Jnanendra, J.C.Madhuswamy, K.Gopalaiah, B.C.Nagesh, MLAs, Jyothi Ganesh, Dr.Rajesh Gowda, Masale Jairam, MLCs C.P.Yogeshwar, N.Ravikumar, Y.A.Narayanaswamy, K.S.Naveen, former MP Mudda Hanumegowda, former MLC Ashwath Narayana and others were present.

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