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*Our health is in our hands.- Let’s be careful*

 Nowadays, most of the people are suffering from high or low blood pressure. 

 *Ravi Karanam*
   Nowadays, most of the people are suffering from high or low blood pressure. In a sense, it is not a serious problem. But, if neglected, it can surely create a serious situation.  Following the doctor’s advice for a few days, then neglecting. It can be dangerous. So, health can be maintained with constant care.
  Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure
 * Sudden fatigue.
 * Body feels out of balance.
 “There will loss of energy, in the hands. Especially in the left hand.
 * Dizziness when waking up and sitting down.
 * Slight relaxation as difference in heart rate.
 * Urge to sweat, defecate, urinate.
 * Some symptoms can be listed.
 * Drink four liters of water every day.  Practice for this without getting bored.  There are several benefits of regular water intake.  Kidney works well.  There is no problem with urination.  Body temperature is not affected.  Facilitates digestion.  Stomach related diseases away.  Help to stay cheerful.  There are many tens of uses.  Water should always be pure.
 * In general, the amount of salt should be slightly higher.  This is the panacea.  Use pickles as well as salt to taste.  Due to this, blood clotting is avoided.  The movement of blood is accelerated and the right amount is delivered to the chambers of the heart.  There is a rhythm in the beating of the heart.
 * Food intake should be regular.  One should wait for lack of energy in the body.  If there is a long journey, use chocolate, salty biscuits etc.  Don’t be on an empty stomach.  People with low food intake habit should eat more often.  But don’t turn to crunchy, roadside foods.
 * If you feel that your blood pressure is low, add electro  powder to the coconut water and drink it.  Or drink water mixed with sugar and a little salt.
 * Should sleep regularly.  There is no compromise on this.  Sleep should be at least six to seven hours.  Otherwise there is a risk of body imbalance.  And body temperature may fluctuate.
 * Do not punish the body excessively.  Let the energy accumulate.  Do not overexercise, run long distances, jump regularly, etc.  If effort is necessary, water, food and sleep must be adequate.  Doctor’s advice is essential.
 * Take any matter very seriously, do not get agitated.  Observe the situation with calm / equanimity and react with equal calmness.  The more stable you are, the better. Try to stay away from anxiety, stress, fear, over-emotion.
 * Regular medical examination.  No matter how much knowledge we have, taking action on the doctor’s advice.

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