English is heart of the world- Few words with you (Part 3 (d) Past Perfect Continuous)

 It shows that,the action was in progress or going on continuously

 It shows that,the action was in progress or going on continuously

By Ravikaranam
This is Past perfect continuous. It shows that,the action was going on continuously, in the past and there was no end there.Try to get this concept.
If you learn this, it will be completed Past Tense. From next period, you will learn how to ask questions ? And how to answers to  one ? It means Yes or No answers.
Let us see.
Past perfect continuous.
Helping verb is ‘Had been’
Had been for all subjects.(persons)
I had been understanding the situation
I had been driving the car
I had been painting the wall
We had been teaching the lesson We had been cleaning the classrooms.
We had been bringing books for studies.
You had been reading novels.
You had been swimming in the pool.
You had been talking with him.
She had been suggesting to him. She had been stitching the clothes.
She had been washing the clothes.
He had been writing a story.
He had been going to Delhi.
He had been asking questions to her.
It had been climbing the tree.
It had been eating the banana.
It had been sleeping on the chair.
They had been explaining the subject.
They had been repairing the TV.
They had been answering to the questions.

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