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English is heart of the world – Few words with you (Part 3 (g) Asking questions in ‘Past perfect’)

It enquires, what had happened in the past?

It enquires, what had happened in the past?

By Ravikaranam
In the previous day, you have learnt framing questions in past continuous. Today, you learn well this. very useful in your conversation. Only one helping verb is there to ask the questions.
Try to get well and practice more. It is very easy to learn.
Helping verb is ‘had’
‘Had’ – for all subjects.
Formula = Had + sub + verb(3) +object ?
Had I asked story?
Yes,I had asked story.
Hadn’t I asked story ?
No, I hadn’t  asked story.
Had I met you last month?
Yes, you had met me last month.
Hadn’t I met you last month?
No, you hadn’t met me last month.
Had we gone to village ?
Yes,we had  gone to village
Hadn’t we gone to village ?
No,we hadn’t we gone to village.
Had we given a story book ?
Yes, we had given a story book.
Hadn’t we given a story book?
No, we hadn’t given a story book.
Had you received a book?
Yes, I had  received a book
Hadn’t you received a book ?
No I hadn’t  received a book.
Had you selected new car ?
Yes, I had selected new car.
Hadn’t you selected new car?
No, I hadn’t selected new car.
Had you seen Jog falls ?
Yes, we had seen Jog falls.
Hadn’t you seen Jog falls ?
No, we hadn’t seen Jog falls.
Had you jumped from the tree?
Yes, we had jumped from the tree.
Hadn’t you jumped from the tree?
No, we had jumped from the tree.
Had he chopped the tree?
Yes, he had chopped tree
Hadn’t he chopped the tree?
No, he hadn’t chopped the tree.
Had he spent money?
Yes, he had spent money.
Hadn’t he spent money?
No, he hadn’t spent money.
Had she slept afternoon?
Yes, she had slept afternoon
Hadn’t she slept afternoon?
No, she hadn’t slept afternoon.
Had she looked the picture?
Yes, she had looked the picture.
Hadn’t she looked the picture?
No, she hadn’t looked the picture.
Had it attacked on cat ?
Yes, it had attacked on cat.
Hadn’t it attacked on cat ?
No, it hadn’t attacked on cat.
Had it told the matter?
Yes,It had told the matter.
Hadn’t it told the matter?
No, It hadn’t  told the matter.
Had they taught lesson?
Yes,they hadn’t taught lesson.
Hadn’t they taught lesson ?
No,they hadn’t  taught lesson.
Had they cleaned the ground ?
Yes, they had cleaned the ground.
Hadn’t they cleaned the ground ?
No, they hadn’t cleaned the ground.

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