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Mobiles should not reign our life, Which is not Master key for life

 Time is very precious for all, But we are wasting unnecessarily our time in engaging with mobile

 Time is very precious for all, But we are wasting unnecessarily our time in engaging with mobile

By Ravi Karanam
Dear friends.
  It became a joke ! Three year back I purchased T V and spent twenty thousand rupees. Eight months back I kept in the gunny bag and tied. Now it is in the stock room. No chance to use. also, not ready to sale it. Why do I said this ?  we felt that, ” in our hand mobiles are there like family members. They are also part of the life”. But  It changed whole life activities !
   Time is very precious for all. But we are wasting unnecessarily our time in engaging with mobile. Twenty four hours not sufficient today for all. How it caught our mind ? Think once, it is very serious ! Nowadays, social medias like, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram and Twitters are changed the life completely. With this, the world became very small because they connect the world within seconds. Can say ” The whole world in our finger tips”.
   advantages and disadvantages both are two faces of the same coin. We can not remove,which we do not want. There is a big question about them. How to use properly ?  Where and what time do we use ? These are all very big headache for all parents in home. They can not control their children, because unknowingly all are addicted with it.
All most all children are not asking their necessities, like, toys, dresses, eatables etc, instead of them, they demand for android mobiles to play which is including all the features and very high quality. Many cases are found as news, in the papers, media and others, students and youngsters who are committed suicide for mobiles.  Parents are not provided or ignored their desires. We have to think that, how the electronic materials are controlling our life ? In future, it will be destroyed the peace of mind wherever !.
How to avoid this ? Already the whole world addicted with it. We are also, not ready to leave the mobiles. wherever we go, we must carry for other purposes. but social medias are disturbed in many ways.
Just think it. Few years back newspaper circulation was amazing. All newspapers were in the race. They were shown their number of circulated papers. Today, completely fallen down. who buys and reads ? In mobiles we get ‘everything’. News, shorts, live programs with entertainment etc, what do you want in it ? No need to wait for them. Within seconds with the help of internet, we get all.
We have take precautionary actions to use mobiles :
But we should take more care or precautionary actions. How can we control using mobiles ? As is follow;
     1) We use for reading news. which are continuously uploaded by editors. In the morning, afternoon and night time. All are available and stored. When you are free, read and get it.
    2) Should avoid the habit of searching videos like entertainment, Keep it, proper time to watch. Because mobiles screen light is disturbing more to your eyes. A survey report says that, people are wearing spectacles because they are unable to see the letters. The main cause is watching continuously with high brightness mode.
  3) In home, to keep away from the children. Sit for chit chat with them. Ask few questions about their health, school activities, home work, competitions and others. Say some stories, amazing events, thoughts, To discuss about great personalities and their achievements etc should be done. Do not give mobiles regularly and convince them, what are uses of them ?
   4) We should avoid the use of mobiles when we are sitting with them. If we use continuously, it will create curiosity in their mind. And ready to try it. So, we should control ourselves.
  5) To encourage to read books, newspaper, magazines, comics, grammar books etc, You have to provide and keep proper supervision.
  6) Mobiles are very useful but these are very sensitive. Should avoid, watching unwanted videos which are highly motivated against female. They are disturbing more in family behaviours.
  7) In your working hours, to keep in silent mode or vibrate option. And inform to nearest people, to send messages if any emergency.
  8) If you need to use, within short time and keep away. Because number of videos and shorts are attracting our mind. Only news, messages are useful.
     These are simple ideas to avoid the mobiles. You can add or introduce yourself. But safe using  must be kept. We can say, but we can not follow. What are the results in our future ? Can not imagine where it goes. But expectation is mobile should not reign our life. That’s we need.

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