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Riots of Belagavi turned as boon to Hubballi

If riots are a curse for Belgaum, it is suspected to be a boon for Hubballi

Pragativahini News, Belagavi:   Are the border and language riots happening repeatedly in Belgaum a boon for Hubblli politicians?  The doubt is creating in native’s mind.
If riots are a curse for Belgaum, it is suspected to be a boon for Hubli.
In the Belagavi session,south constituency of Belagavi MLA Abhay Patil had siriously said that, “all the developmental programmes could not cross Hubbal li”.
Development projects are not arriving beyond Hubli.The reason is everything would stop in Hubli.All the political leaders are not allowing projects to Belagavi for many years. There has been an allegation that, they do not give anything to Belagavi, not only that, they are cancelled what was sanctioned to Belagavi and gave to Hubli. Dozens of examples are there. Recently National Youth Festival held. And cancelled 12 flights from Belagavi.
The Udan project was brought to Hubballi and the Belagavi airport was closed.  Later it woke up and fought fiercely and got Udan.  It is presently happened. Due to heavy traffic they cancelled from Belagavi and made to fly from Hubballi.
  Although it is a well-known fact that Hubballi is grabbing the big projects arriving to Belagavi, How this is possible?  Still a question is in there. Common people used to allege that the politicians of Belagavi are not united and that all the politicians of Hubballi are united when it comes to development.
  But now there is a different suspicion. When it is known that big projects are arriving to Belagavi, some politicians who approach businessmen say, “Belagavi is a riot-prone area, it is difficult to run your business there.  So invest in Hubballi itself.  Some development thinkers of Belgaum have expressed a strong suspicion that they will divert to Hubballi by persuading them to make arrangements for you. It is easy to stop the development of Belagavi by threatening riots.  So, they are alleging that, we are preventing the development of Belagavi by capitalizing on this.
  The state government is inviting Beyond Bangalore. But it should be beyond Hubli. How only the border district of Belagavi can grow ?. There is no use all politicians are coming here and delivering the speeches. Abhay Patil had lashed out at his own government in the session. Also saying that, the youth would not get jobs here.

A new idea for exception handling

  Some development thinkers have now come forward to remove the stigma of Belgaum being a riot-prone area.  An effort has been started to spread the message that Belagavi is business friendly by using people who have the ability to influence the society and entrepreneurs.  Such an effort will be launched in the first week of February.
  In addition to this, if such allegations against the politicians of Hubli are true, they should also give up some important industries and development projects to Belagavi.  Otherwise, there is no doubt that they will appear as villains for the people of Belagavi.
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