Simplification of rules to buy site/house for poor: CM Bommai

Speaking after dedicating one lakh multi-story residential projects and handing over houses

Pragativahini News, Bengaluru : Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said rules will be simplified to help the poor to buy sites and build houses.

Speaking after dedicating one lakh multi-story residential projects and handing over houses at Agrahapallya in Yalahanka taluk here on Tuesday, he said building houses will become difficult in the coming days. No specific concessions to build houses in the Revenue Act. The land cost has increased due to demand. With the current rules and regulations, the common people cannot buy sites. So, the government proposes to amend the existing rules to help them to build houses and also to make the land available to them at concessional rates. Even the purchase of land for residential purposes and building houses will also be simplified to help the poor to buy sites and houses.

Solutions for problems

The CM said the distribution of over three lakh sites in the state by Housing Minister V.Somanna is a record and solutions will be there for problems through progressive thinking. The incumbent government will not go away by leaving problems but by giving solutions and facilities to the people. It is the wish of any person to live with respect in a shelter with family members and even the birds also build nests and live with their families. What the birds enjoy must be there for the human beings also. In the fast-growing civilization, society must allow the poor people to build small houses and that work must be done by the government.

5 lakh houses in final stages

Bommai said announcements will be plenty but the resources must be earmarked for this purpose. Six years ago, there was an announcement to build 15 lakh houses. The previous government at the fag end of its tenure promised to build 15 lakh houses but failed to reserve any money. They had kept Rs 3,000 crore as against the requirement of Rs 15,000 crore. So, the subsequent government was unable to build the promised houses. The BJP government which came to power in 2019 had the target of building 10 lakh houses of which 5 lakh houses are in the final stages of completion. The people must be told what is possible. The citizens are still being misled. The elected representatives must know that the people are not intelligent and awakened. None must make false promises and mislead people. “You cannot cheat all the people all the time. No one will believe us if we say that everything will be given for free. Responsible people must know where to spend the taxpayer’s money. They must not announce populist schemes just to come to power and destroy the whole system. The people will understand everything”.

Construction of five lakh houses

He said after V.Somanna became Housing Minister, he gave a new look to the department and focussed on the completion of pending houses. The new software was installed to eliminate ineligible beneficiaries to house construction. The rural housing scheme was taken up seriously and built five lakh houses in the current year. “After I became the CM, five lakh houses are sanctioned of which four lakhs are in rural areas and one lakh houses in urban areas. The selection of beneficiaries is in progress. We are fulfilling our promises. Efforts to build one lakh houses in Bengaluru in the last seven years had not become the reality as that announcement was made in hurry without thinking about the availability of land. We can’t house in the air…They had promised to build houses without land. Now, 50,000 houses are constructed on 492 acres of land in different places and they are in different stages of completion. In the first phase, 20,000 houses will be distributed out of which 5,000 houses were distributed today. A total of 900 houses are distributed in Yalahanka. The houses were distributed in 5-6 assembly constituencies today. Plans are afoot to build 50,000 houses and hand them over to the beneficiaries. They had shown the stone quarries to build houses. Will people like it if they are so much dishonest? The truth must be told to people. Our government is formulating new programs”.

People-friendly MLA

Bommai said Yalahanka MLA S.R. Vishwanath is a popular and people-friendly legislator and those who work for the people become close to the people. He wants to develop Bengaluru City and is using the BDA Chairman post to develop Yalahanka because of which the entire picture of this area has changed completely. Vishwanath has successfully managed both urban and rural areas and work for the next 20 years has been done already.
Housing Minister V.Somanna, BDA Chairman S.R.Vishwanath, Siddu Sawadi, Brahmins Development Corporation Chairman Sachidananda Murthy, former MLA Nagaraj, Housing Department Secretary Dr J.Ravishankar, Bengaluru Deputy Commissioner K.A.Dayanand and others were present.

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