FOAB work commendable for Belgaum development: Ravi Shankar Guruji unveils logo

Pragativahini News, Belagavi, Feb.6: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji expressed that it is a very positive development that all organisations working in various fields have teamed up for the development of Belagavi.

On Tuesday, he offered his blessings by dedicating the Federation of Associations of Belagavi (FOAB) logo at the centenary auditorium of KLE Institute here. There is a stereotype about Belagavi that it is a region where nothing happens much but is in the news due to riots,  but, the reality is different. There is a business-friendly environment here. Businessmen here and all those who are working in different disciplines are doing a good job by building such an organization. He said that such organizations are commendable for the upliftment of society.

The history of Belagavi is truly sacred knowing all the internal powers of Belagavi, Ravi Shankar Guruji said that the businessmen are ready on the ground here and the work being done by FOAB Belagavi should be appreciated.

Politicians should stop making accusations throughout their term. This is creating a polluted environment in society. He called for the last 6 months to be spent on politics, but the remaining period should be devoted to development.

Drug use is on the rise among the people including Belagavi. In post-COVID days, one commits suicide every 40 seconds. All this has to put an end to the students who are depressed to an extent that is impossible to imagine. All this has to be curbed. Ravi Shankar Guruji said that Art of Living would take the responsibility of organizing the 6-day camp for their well-being.

Meditation can solve the problems of today’s society. It is unfortunate that it is believed in the name of caste. It really has to become a part of life. If stress and tension are relieved, a person feels relaxed. Preconceived notions about Meditation and Ayurveda need to be overcome.

China created the virus with the assistance of America. It is not artificial population control that is destroying the globe, but we Indians are the only ones who developed an antivirus vaccination and demonstrated our skills to the rest of the world. He explained that, although Proxican only provides a 1% benefit, our treatment made from 180 herbs has been shown to cure 100% of COVID.

Ravi Shankar Guruji
President Secretaries of more than 50 different organizations which are members of FOAB were present.

Belagavi Police Commissioner Celt Boralingaiah, who spoke before this, said that the FOAB core committee should meet regularly to identify the problems that are hindering the development of Belagavi and find solutions.

“All forms of assistance would be given for the development of Belagavi,” stated Superintendent of Police Dr Sanjiva Patila. He stated that it should be a duty to list and discuss the concerns that require immediate attention.”

Visvesvaraya Technological University Chancellor Dr Vidyashankar, Belagavi has changed a lot. More change is possible by creating awareness among people. The city has a lot of potential in the near future. He said that after discussing with the businessmen here, an investors’ meeting will be organized.

KLE Technical University Chancellor Nitin Gangane said that Belagavi is a wonderful city and let us all work together for development.

Commandant MLIRC Brigadier Joy Deepa Mukherjee, Milli Commander JL Wing Major VK Guranga, Air Force Director Rajesh Kumaramourya etc. spoke.

FOB Co- ordinator Chaitanya Kulkarni welcomed. Dr Rajendra Belagavi gave a comprehensive introduction to Belagavi. Chamber of Commerce Chairman Hemandra Porawal honoured Ravi Shankar Guruji. President Secretaries of more than 50 different organizations which are members of FOAB were present.

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