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English Conversation, To start a trial – Practice yourself before you speak

 These are all samples only, Do it, in your own way

 These are all samples only, Do it, in your own way

By Ravikaranam
Dear friends.
    Today you read these questions. I prepare some models, on time being or situations, you prepare in this pattern. Write in your own sentences.
   There is a beautiful topic which creates curiosity.
“Wh – Questions”, To know their nature.
1)What – To enquire the unknown subjects.
2)Where – To know the particular place.
3)When – To know the time.
4)Which – To know the unknown subject.
5)Why – To know the reason.
6)Who – To know the person.
7)Whose – To know the things, which belongs to someone.
8)Whom – To know the persons.
all words start with ‘Wh’. So, we called them ‘Wh-questions’.
Another one is questioning word.
9)How – To know the reason and measurement.
Whenever you ask to others, use properly.
1) What are you doing now?
I am watching Television.
2)What are you thinking about money?
3)I am planing to invest in business.
4)What are you learning now?
I am learning spoken English and grammar.
5)What are you saying to him?
I am saying to him that, to practice well for exams.
6)What are you writing in paper?
I am writing a report in paper.
7)What are you playing with them?
I am playing football with them.
8) What are you teaching?
I am teaching English.
9) What are you preparing in kitchen?
I am preparing meals for you.
10) What are you sending them?
I am sending them books and learning materials.
11) What are we discussing here?
We are discussing about how to study?
12) What are we doing for her?
We are arranging money for purchasing clothes,books and others.
13) What are we asking to him?
We are asking to him to help in studies.
14) What are we planing to go to Bengaluru?
We are planing to go to Bengaluru by train.
15) What are we practicing for programme?
We are practicing folk dance for programme.
16)  What are we purchasing in cloth centre?
We are purchasing pant,shirts in cloth centre.
17) What are we collecting now?
We are collecting important pictures for project work.
18) What are we asking her?
We are asking her about social science.
19) What are we drawing on the board?
We are drawing heart diagram on the board.
20) What are we requesting them?
We are requesting to issue the certificate.
21) What am I telling him?
You are telling to him to read newspaper.
22) What am I preparing for you?
You are preparing notes for me.
23) What am I observing in class room?
You are observing students participation in class room.
24) What am I requesting them?
You are requesting to them to give the file.
25) What am I teaching here?
You are teaching History here.
26) What am I cleaning now?
You are cleaning the hall now.
27) What am I cooking for meals?
You are cooking Rice and Dal for meals.
28) What am I cutting in forest?
You are cutting tree in forest. But it is not good.
29) What am I looking in the garden?
You are looking the flowers in the garden.
30) What am I taking in shop?
You are taking learning materials in shop.
 31)What is he thinking about India?
He is thinking about India that best country in the world.
32) What is he expecting by me?
He is expecting money by you .
33) What is he asking you ?
He is asking textbook.
34) What is he playing?
He is playing cricket.
35) What is he purchasing in shop?
Is the purchasing clothes in shop.
36) What is he doing ?
He is completing his homework.
37) What is he enquiring ?
He is inquiring about bus timetable.
38) What is he writing ?
He is writing a letter.
39) What is he searching ?
He is searching a file.
40) What is he bringing?
He is bringing a vegetables.
41) What is she buying?
She is buying fruits.
42) What is she practicing ?
She is practicing Bharatanatyam.
43) What is she burning?
She is burning old papers.
44) What is she listening?
She is listening music.
45) What is she asking?
She is asking about History.
46) What is she drinking ?
She is drinking milk.
47) What is she writing?
She is written a poem.
48) What is she providing?
She is providing learning materials.
49) What is she telling?
She is telling beautiful story.
50) What is she playing?
She is playing chess.
51) What is it doing?
It is sleeping on the chair.
52) What is it begging?
It is begging for bread.
53) What is it searching?
It is searching the pen.
54) What is it expecting?
It is expecting meals.
55) What is it watching?
It is watching the bird.
56) What is it hiding ?
It is hiding the pen.
57) What is it bringing?
It is bringing vegetables.
58) What is it asking ?
It is asking banana.
59) What is it taking?
It is taking cucumber.
60) What is it requesting ?
It is requesting for milk.
61) What are they giving you?
Thay are giving me books.
62) What are they sending ?
They are sending fruits.
63) What are they doing the programme?
They are doing the some activities.
64) What are they publishing in paper?
They are publishing reports.
65) What are they opening there?
They are opening the shop.
66) What are they keeping on the table?
They are keeping the files on the table.
67) What are they climbing?
They are climbing the mountain.
68) What are they doing in Kashmir?
They are wandering in Kashmir.
69) What are they taking in the evening ?
They are taking in the clothes.
70) What are they cleaning?
They are cleaning the garden.

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