Suspension of 12 flights in Belagavi; Impacts on Business

People's representatives are urged to pay attention

People’s representatives are urged to pay attention

Pragativahini News, Belagavi:  Some flight services from Belgaum have been suspended; this has led to a large number of issues for businesses. The businessmen’s of Belgaum Chamber of Commerce urged that the government and the people’s representatives ought to pay attention to this.

This decision was taken in a meeting held by various businessmen on Tuesday. Hemendra Porawal, President of the Chamber of Commerce, said that Belagavi has experienced injustice numerous times. Even the Udan scheme was launched elsewhere and engaged in second-stage combat for various reasons in order to obtain service. He expressed concern that there is a possibility of heavy loss to the industry as around 12 flights have stopped operating from Belagavi airport.

Routes between Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore should be increased. Belagavi is welcoming new businessmen to invest. Capital investors have pulled out because the quality of the airline service was inadequate. Therefore, he continued, all organisations must come together to protest and demand the administration.

Belagavi is growing rapidly; however, the suspension of such flights is not limited to the business sector. He expressed disappointment that there will also be a major loss in the educational sector.

Numerous projects intended for Belagavi have been neglected. A sizable ESI hospital should be established by the central government at Belagavi . Also, the flights from the airport in Belagavi that have been halted need to resume.

Businessman Ajithkumar Patil said that a new association has been established for IT and software. There is no forum to ask about IT issues. In this regard, he suggested that necessary steps should be taken to grow the information technology industry.

Businessman Vaibhav Prasad stated in addition to domestic and international air passengers, many individuals from Nippani and Khanapur travel to Hubli-Dharwad to market their produce and other goods. This needs to be considered by the Chamber of Commerce.  ESI Hospital should be created for the families of businessmen, he added, and free health checkups should be conducted every year.

 Swapnil Sham, Dr Deepali Patil, Rajendra Muthagekara, Anand Desai and others were also present at the meeting. 

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Riots of Belagavi turned as boon to Hubballi

Riots of Belagavi turned as boon to Hubballi

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